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Culminating Activity

Students are required to complete a culminating activity in the Master of Counselling program.


The project is intended as a means for students to integrate their conceptual learning with applied practice in a contextually meaningful fashion. The structure of the project will be flexible in order to accomodate various creative endeavours and it may be work-based. The project:

  • may be theoretical or applied
  • should be relevant to the practice of counselling or counselling psychology
  • shall demonstrate a depth of knowledge and understanding of the discipline

Some possible examples for final projects include:

  • theoretical analysis or critique
  • synthesis and extention of scholarly literature
  • curriculum development
  • model development: assessment, intervention, consultation, etc.
  • case analyses of individuals, groups or systems
  • needs assessment, program development or program evaluation

Students should carefully review the project forms, guidelines, and samples.

Professional Portfolio:

Master of Counselling students may opt to complete a Professional Portfolio as their culminating activity. Students selecting this option will create a multi-layered record of professional growth and development using a variety of media. This is facilitated through a series of weekly activities to collect, examine, and archive evidence of program experiences. In doing so, students will demonstrate the competencies required to graduate as a master level counsellor, and will prepare for their professional futures. Peer collaboration and feedback will be utilized in the process that will occur in a paced format using the usual timelines (13 weeks) of a semester.

Students are not registered in a course, nor do they pay course fees. Students may only participate in the final semester of their program, normally at the same time as they complete CAAP 6619 Specialized Counselling Practicum. As the practicum has additional time demands, in conjunction with the effort required for the Portfolio, students should plan to reduce outside commitments for this semester accordingly.

The Professional Portfolio is only offered in select semesters. Please contact us at to confirm availability.