Summer 2013

Note: Course outlines below are draft versions provided in advance of the course for students' convenience. Upon the start of the course please refer to the official version provided by your instructor.

Counselling Psychology 2013 Cohort

Education 5704 Counselling Psychology: Skills (pdf)

Counselling Psychology (Special Focus in Addictions Counselling and Mental Health) 2012 Cohort

Education 5621 Counselling Psychology: Ethics and Professional Practice (pdf)

Education 5708 Counselling Psychology: Career Counselling (pdf)

Curriculum and Assessment 2013 Cohort

Education 5300 The Foundations of Modern Educational Theory and Practice

Education 5310 Graduate Seminar in Foundational Studies: Foundations of Assessment (pdf)

Educational Leadership 2011 Cohort

Education 6006 Capstone

Educational Leadership (Calgary) 2012 Cohort

Education 5632 Managing the Organization (pdf)

Education 5633 Governance, Collaboration and Community Engagement (pdf)

Educational Leadership 2013 Cohort

Education 5630 Educational Leadership and the Change Process (pdf)

Education 5631 School Culture and the Instructional Program (pdf)

Inclusive Education & Neuroscience 2011 Cohort

Education 5500 Understanding Professional Practice and Professional Development

Education 5850 Advanced Curriculum Studies (pdf)

Literacy in Globalized Canadian Classrooms 2012 Cohort

Education 5500 Understanding Professional Practice and Professional Development: Literacy Issues in Curriculum and Contexts (pdf)

Education 5210 Graduate Seminar in Curriculum Studies: Canadian Literature for Globalized Classrooms (pdf)

Master of Counselling Cohorts

CAAP 6603 Professional Ethics and Conduct (pdf)

CAAP 6605 Foundational Counselling and Conflict Resolution Skills (pdf)

CAAP 6613 Assessment: Processes and Application (pdf)

CAAP 6615: Counselling Strategies and Interventions (pdf)

CAAP 6633 Counselling Issues Across the Lifespan (pdf)

CAAP 6635 Health Psychology (pdf)

CAAP 6637 Group Counselling and Process Skills (pdf)

Miscellaneous Cohorts

Education 5769 Educational Issues in Communication Technologies