Spring 2016

Course outlines provided below are draft versions provided in advance of the course. Outlines may also be posted within the course Moodle site. Upon the start of the course refer to the official version of the course outline provided by your instructor.


Counselling Psychology 2015

Education 5621 Counselling Psychology: Ethics and Professional Practice

Education 5623 Counselling Psychology: Learning Processes

Education 5706 Counselling Psychology: Interventions

Education 5707 Counselling Psychology: Assessment

Curriculum and Assessment 2015

Education 5200 Curriculum Studies and Classroom Practice (see Moodle course)

Educational Leadership 2015

Education 5300 Foundations of Modern Educational Theory and Practice

Education 5500 Understanding Professional Practice and Professional Development

Master of Counselling 2015

CAAP 6607 Counselling Diverse Clients


Counselling Psychology (Special Focus in Addictions and Mental Health Counselling) 2014

Education 5711 Counselling Psychology: Practicum II (Leighton)

Education 5711 Counselling Psychology: Practicum II (Jones)

Education 6020 Counselling Psychology: Capstone

Curriculum and Assessment 2014

Education 5850 Curriculum and Assessment for the 21st Century Learner

Educational Leadership 2014

Education 5634 Collaborative Problem Solving

Inclusive Education and Neuroscience 2014

Education 5620 Interventions with Children and Youth with Emotional/Behavioural Disorders

Master of Counselling 2014

CAAP 6631 Client Learning Processes


Curriculum and Assessment 2013

Education 6006 M.Ed. Capstone (see Moodle course)

Master of Counselling 2013

CAAP 6619 Specialized Counselling Practicum

CAAP 6699 Portfolio