Fall 2019

Course outlines below are DRAFT versions provided in advance of the course. Outlines may also be posted within the course Moodle site. Upon the start of the course refer to the official version of the course outline provided by your instructor.

MEd (Educational Leadership) 2019:

MEd (Counselling Psychology) 2019:

Master of Counselling 2019:

  • CAAP 6607 Social Bases of Behaviour - Diversity and Culture

MEd (Educational Leadership) 2018:




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MEd (General) Multiple Literacies in Canadian Classrooms 2018:

Master of Counselling 2018:

  • CAAP 6635 Biological Foundations of Behaviour - Health Psychology

MEd (General) Curriculum and Assessment 2017:

  • EDUC 5850 Perceptions of Dis(Ability) and Difference

MEd (General) Teaching, Learning, and Neuroscience 2017:

Master of Counselling 2017:

  • CAAP 6611 General Counselling Practicum (Bernes/Greidanus)

Review course outlines from other terms.