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Room & Equipment Bookings


Room #
Description Capacity Booking Agent
L1170B Teaching Space/Prep Room 48 Margaret Beintema
TH373 Math/Science Lab 40 Margaret Beintema
TH341 Teaching Space/Computer Lab 54 Margaret Beintema
TH250 Meeting Room 10 Margaret Beintema
W422 Drama 50 Margaret Beintema
W741 Music 29 Margaret Beintema
W857 Art 36 Margaret Beintema
TH346 New Media Room 10 Margaret Beintema
TH172 Meeting Room/Web Conferencing 15 Margaret Beintema
Portable Vidyo Cart Portable Web Conferencing NA
Portable Video Conferencing Video Conferencing NA

Video Equipment HD Video Cameras & Tripods NA
Macintosh Laptops
iPad cart Turcotte Hall
Laptop Cart 4 carts - Turcotte Hall
Curr Lab Cart 2 carts - Curriculum Laboratory
Zoom: Web Conferencing 3 virtual rooms
3D Printing 1 Ultimaker, 1 Extended Ultimaker