Assessment Instruments (Counselling Program)

The Faculty of Education has created an Assessment Library to house psychological assessment materials used for teaching purposes. The Faculty has a legal and ethical obligation to safeguard these items. Access to the collection is managed by the Curriculum Laboratory. The collection itself is owned and managed by the graduate program in Counselling psychology and is overseen by Dr. Elaine Gredanius.

Access to the Collection

Due to the sensitive nature of these materials, publishers restrict access to qualified professionals who meet the guidelines listed at

Students and practitioners are bound by their professional standards of practice and/ or code of ethics to only access items that they are suitably trained to administer.

Assessments may be borrowed for educational purposes by:

  • Graduate students in a designated Master of Counselling or M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology) course (Level C)
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Students in an approved assessment course (Level B)
  • Registered Psychologists in the Faculty of Education (Level C)
  • Education Faculty Members (Level B)

The borrower must complete an Acknowledgement of Borrower Guidelines Form. Users are responsible for returning the materials directly to Curriculum Lab Staff (L1170F, 8:30-4:30). Any items damaged or lost are subject to repair or replacement costs. Replacement or repair costs are the sole responsibility of the user.

Eligible borrowers may also use materials for research purposes provided that the full cost of consumables is reimbursed to the Faculty of Education.

Photocopying of material is prohibited by the publisher.

Assessment Library Materials are borrowed from AND returned directly to Curriculum Lab staff on Level 11

L1170 8:30-4:30, M-F

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