Digital Subscriptions

Username and password required. Use CurrLab password or enter U of L login if prompted.

Alberta/Canadian Education Partnerships

Log in for assessment materials and sample performance tasks by grade/subject. Faculty username and password is on CurrLab password list.
LearnAlberta: Alberta Education's digital portal for teacher and student resources. Create your own account & workspace or access with the Faculty's jurisdicational password (Currlab password list)
Lesson plans and resources help educators foster critial thinking skills and support inquiry across disciplines. Create your own account then activate using the code provided on Currlab password list. 

Streaming Video

Multi-media resources. Search by province. Popular in AB schools. Currlab username/password required.
Multi-disciplinary video library includes lesson building tools and AB outcome search. Currlab username/password required or request your own account.
3,500 videos, 40,000 video clips. Strong Canadian Content; can search AB outcomes. Currlab username/password required.

Other Subscriptions

Math and Science digital interactives (Gr. 4-12). Include lesson and assessment materials. Education students/Faculty can Contact us to request an account.
More than 800 interactive simulations and videos to facilitate science learning.
K-6 online activities and teacher lesson materials. Aligned to Curriculum and incorporates gaming and rewards. Contact us to request an account.


picture books database

This powerful collection lets you identify titles by artistic medium, style, literary device and more. Limit by date for recent titles. U of L Login if prompted.
A collection of 300+ animated, talking picture books and 40+ chapter books (Including some French and Spanish titles). It also includes puzzles, games, and resources for teachers. U of L Login if prompted.
Fiction and non-fiction ebooks to share with your students. Access with currlab user name and password. 
Printable reading materials and lessons, including assessments, readers' theatre and projectable books.  Student teacher access only-our license does not able you to set up a classroom of students. Contact us to request access.