Celebrating Inquiry: Fall 2014 V.1 no. 1

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The LAma Project: Beiseker's 100th Anniversary Heritage Play …Brittany Miller

From September to December, I taught units of amalgamated Language Arts and Drama which the students and I referred to as LAma. This was my Professional Inquiry Project. Students drafted, scripted, and wrote the content of the 100th Anniversary Heritage Play with my guidance. For the first two months students spent most of their time creating the material our show consisted of. For the next two months the students were in full rehearsals. This project-based learning experience focused on 21st century competencies my school places a high priority on: collaboration, critical thinker, and communicator. The debut performance of the LAma project will take place on Dec. 10, 2014.

This project not only impacted my students and me, but it impacted our school and the community. Our goal was to create a community within a community, and this goal not only was accomplished, it exceeded expectations. The students fell in love with their work and wanted to include members of our school and community in everything we did. They became innovators of their learning. In all honesty, I do not know if I would attempt this project again– it became an experience of a lifetime with a group of amazing students. To replicate this experience and the joys that came with it would be impossible.

Brittany is from a small farming community, and describes herself as an outgoing, energetic person with great determination. She has been passionate about fine arts from a young age: singing in particular. She is particularly interested in bringing drama experiences to small rural schools. She loves to travel and hopes to teach internationally. View more about her project at http://msbmiller.weebly.com/teacher-professional-growth-plan.html.

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