Celebrating Inquiry: Spring 2016 v.2 no.2

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What does ADHD look like in girls?.....Jenna Boyd

Description of Project:

I had a girl in my class who presented some characteristics that I recognized as relating to ADHD, but they looked different than what I had seen in boys with ADHD, so I wondered if ADHD looked different in girls. This project is to bring awareness to what ADHD looks like in girls, and bring awareness to what the inattentive presentation of ADHD looks like, because it is frequently missed.


I observed how my student behaved, and how she reacted to things. Then I searched for research articles on ADHD in girls, and books and articles on girls with ADHD. I found out that most girls with ADHD have the inattentive presentation, so I created a video to show what the life of a girl with undiagnosed ADHD-I might look like. I also wrote a report to answer questions that the video doesn't answer. I thought making a video was important, and I thought it would be quick and easy, but it took significantly longer than I expected.


This project helped me understand what to look for in students, so I don't let them slip through the cracks without getting the help they need. I'm hoping that this project allows more students who display less familiar symptoms of ADHD to get referred for assessment so they can be helped.

Jenna is currently doing her internship in a grade 2/3 class. She has done previous practicums in Division II and Division IV. She also used to drive a school bus for a school for children with learning disabilities.