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Celebrating Inquiry: Fall 2015

Welcome to the second issue of our online celebration of learning and achievement by University of Lethbridge intern teachers. Below you will find 5 profiles of Professional Inquiry Projects (PIP) completed by pre-service teachers in their final twelve-week practicum.

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Technical Theatre Students… Taylor Fornwald

Can tech theatre students feel like they have a significant role and are part of the show’s team?

Integrating Art Into Core Curriculum…Matthew Fosen

Within a project-based learning model, how can art can be integrated into core curriculum learning while serving to strengthen student confidence in themselves?

Critiquing Online…Angela McPeake & Samantha Davis

Is there a benefit to cross-classroom collaboration within the art critique practice as a means of formative assessment?

Involving Students in Community Service…Caitlin Mitchell

Can you widen the views of a millennial generation teenager?

Teacher as Theatre Producer… Kristen Mazzuca

How Do You Produce a Musical Theatre Production?

Sign Language Performance…Samantha Scott

How does nonverbal communication in the form of Sign Language affect scripted work and movement in the Dramatic Arts?

Language Arts

Literacy Testing in Junior High School… Erica Bexte & Chantal Beazer

How Can Fountas and Pinnell Testing Assist in Correlating Literacy Levels with Star Reader to Achieve a Long-term Goal of increased Literacy Rates at Cardston Junior High School?

Take-Home Literacy Bags… Stephanie Gokarn

How can I enhance student literacy skills while connecting home and school?

Mini-Lessons for Daily 5...Taylor Heidinger

When doing the Daily 5, there is not always a lot of time for mini lessons. So, what skills do we need to teach and how do we teach them to make the most of our time?


Science Demonstrations and Experiments… Tanner Bexson & Koreen Klassen

Why Aren't "Fireworks" More Frequent in the Science Classroom?

Instructional Strategies…Grace Martin & Young Shin

What strategies can teachers use to create an effective learning environment that engages students in the quarter system?

Active Learning in Math…Lisa Shoesmith

How can I increase student engagement in math?

Physical Activity

Integrating Movement and Early Literacy… Kimberley Bates

How can early literacy instruction be integrated with movement-based activities?

The Benefit of Intramurals… Jenna Jewison

How does physical activity affect motivation, behaviour and academic performance in the classroom?

"Why Play?"… Ashley Speakman & Alissa Davies

Our inquiry looked at the benefits of play and how it is linked to the Alberta Kindergarten curriculum.


Creating Smudge Boxes in CTF Class… William Lowry

How can we bring meaningful FNMI content into CTF/CTS classes, given they are not generally known for having a cultural/societal focus.

Classroom Community

Creating Brave Bots… Stephen Bore

How can brave bots (personalized paintings on dominoes) be used in Middle School, a time of great change and struggle, to help remind students that they are capable of doing great things?

Cross-Curricular Community Building Unit…Emily Smith

How can drama build and strengthen our classroom community?


Student Government and Leadership…Cassandra Nabozniak

Does being involved in student government have an effect on a student’s leadership skills and community involvement?

Building Community School-Wide…Dan Pulfer

Using the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays playoff run as a case study, how do school-wide events contribute to a sense of community among students?

Stage Combat and Acting for the Camera…Jessica Nottell

How does a teacher successfully implement a new student club from start to finish while looking at the possibilities of content integration within a desired course curriculum?


Augmented Reality using Aurasma… Emily Welch

How can augmented reality (AR) be used in the classroom? What can AR do to enhance student experience?