Celebrating Inquiry

An Online Journal of Preservice Teachers' Professional Learning

Welcome to this showcase of learning and innovation demonstrated by Intern teachers. We are pleased to share a selection of Professional Inquiry Projects (PIPs) completed by current Interns.

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Conflict vs. Bullying: An Informative Display…Shelby Johnson & Kennedy Gurski

How can student perspectives and definitions contribute to an information campaign about bullying in our schools?

Grace and Catholic Education…. Kate MacNeil

Does the shared faith of our Catholic school community cultivate and promote relationship growth and does this have a direct impact on student success?

Calm Cafe …. Luc Mackay and Nicole Perl 

To what extent do school mental health initiatives increase student learning? 

Biblical Allusions: Religion in the ELA Classroom …. Amanda Omilon

Does incorporation of religious context in English Language Arts enhance student comprehension?

More French Please! …. Brigitte Paquette-Smith

To what extent can teacher-created, technology-based assistive tools facilitate and promote French Learning?

The Power of a Picture Book …. Stephanie Croft

How can picture books/literature be integrated into all subject areas?

Building Reading Comprehension Confidence …. Erin Yaremcio

How does teaching and practicing effective reading comprehension strategies and testing taking strategies, help improve student confidence when it comes to reading comprehension exams?

“I’d Rather Do Anything Than Write This Test…” : Looking at Test Anxiety Through a Multidisciplinary Lens …. Suneet Kharey and Ben Beland

How can we use a multidisciplinary approach to identify indicators, implement strategies of wellness, and alleviate anxiety towards assessment? 

Real-Life STEM: 9 Guest Speakers Share Experiences From the Field…. Deanna Fox and Travis Woodward

To what extent can guest speaker presentations addressing the realities of STEM careers benefit students' understanding of the nature of science?

Outdoor Education in Division One Classrooms…. Mallory Vanderveen

What are effective ways to integrate outdoor learning into a typical lower elementary classroom?

Teaching of Social Norms to Early Elementary Students…. Sierra Hansen

Does teaching manners and simple social norms in early elementary help students to feel safe (respected) and included with others at school?

Outdoor Games for PE…. Andrea Nimmo

What outdoor games/activities correspond with the Physical Education Program of study for grade 10s

‘The Dorm’: FNMI Design Space Learning in High SchoolVanessa Pavan

Does design space learning enhance student engagement in the inquiry process?

 Creating Twenty Minute Numeracy Activities….Jessica Lohues and Sara Kloot

What resources are most effective in delivering a numeracy enhancement program focused on problem solving and critical thinking?

Combined Curriculum Unit Plan Exemplar: Science 24 and Foods 10…Natalie Cooley

To what extent can combined curriculum foster student engagement and teacher unity within schools?

Mindful Teaching …Katrina Szumlas

How can bringing mindfulness into the daily practice of teaching ready students for learning? 

Using Improv to Improve....Alexander Yanko

To what extent does improv (or the dramatic arts) affect students’ academic endeavors?

Teaching Science with Science Fiction…Kassandra (Kassy) Pointer

Can Educators Increase, And Maintain, Content Engagement By Teaching Science With Science Fiction?

Lexicon Booster: A Web-Based Tool for Vocabulary Building…Mark Fisk

How can high school teachers and students improve vocabulary acquisition? 

Assessment > Everything…RJ Balog

Is exam-based assessment restricting learning?

Supporting Student Mental Health through Wellness Rooms…Anna Lovenuik

How can wellness rooms be integrated into schools to support student mental health, and how will initiatives like this be impacted by provincial budget cuts?

Multi-age classrooms and the student experience…Cheryl Imanse

In what ways are relationships affected by the presence of siblings and being in a multi-age classroom?

Strengthening practice through a process of observation, discussion, collaboration, research and reflection…Jacob Verhesen

To what extent do professional observations and discussions with colleagues inform my practice?

The benefit of an online practicum for PS III…Shane Johnson

Is there value in an online placement for a practicum student?

Brain Breaks" for students in High School!...Sarah Kerr, Samantha Beyak, Jessica Shewchuk, Ashley Prefontaine

Can the creation and implementation of a comprehensive collection of “Brain Breaks” maximize engagement and academic success in the classroom?

Physical Activity for Community Growth and Belonging…Arron Lai

How can an intramural program be modelled/adapted in a small-town community to further build community and promote health and wellness?

Inii (bison) Inquiry Project…Jessie Black Water, Charlene Oka

How can we implement Blackfoot knowledge of the bison into teaching students about ecosystems?

Physical Activity for Community Growth and Belonging…Arron Lai

How can an intramural program be modelled/adapted in a small-town community to further build community and promote health and wellness?

Growth Mindset and Art Therapy…Erika Kok

How can principles of art therapies encourage a growth mindset in students?

Withdraw the Walls: Joining the Global Community…Katie Owens and Bryna Cline

To what extent can collaboration through technology foster meaningful learning experiences outside of the classroom?

Fostering Growth Mindset …Myken Carew

How can we use Growth Mindset to create meaningful and effective learning experiences for all (excelling & underperforming) students, while being considerate of their individual contexts, in order to encourage these students to become life long learners?

 Walking with Wisdom: FNMI Protocols .......... Sage Mitchell

Given the expectations for TQS Competency 5, how can support best be offered for teachers unaware of First Nation, Métis and Inuit protocols?


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