Celebrating Inquiry: Spring 2016

Welcome to the fourth issue of our online celebration of learning and achievement by University of Lethbridge intern teachers. Below you will find profiles of Professional Inquiry Projects (PIP) completed by pre-service teachers in their final twelve-week practicum.

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Spring 2016 Contents

What does ADHD look like in girls?.....Jenna Boyd

Risks in Learning: Encouraging Students and Teachers to Take Responsible Risks in the Classroom.....Kelsey Christal

ActiveEd: Taking Literacy on the Go!.....Anna Gotgilf and Kristen ter Steege

Mindfulness in the Classroom.....Andrew FitzGerald

Teaching our Students to "Think like Engineers".....Melissa Gough

Math Fact Fluency.....Kelsey Graham

Students Taking Leadership Roles.....Megan Krzyzanska and Dominique Borrelli

Mindfulness for DIV I and DIV II Students.....Kaitlin McMitchell

Incorporating Literacy Across Curricula.....Jaylene Reitsema

Engagement in Elementary PE.....Jeremy Sakamoto

Love the Ones You're With: Creating a Classroom Community...Alisha Sims