Celebrating Inquiry

Celebrating Inquiry

An Online Journal of Preservice Teachers' Professional Learning

Welcome to this showcase of learning and innovation demonstrated by Intern teachers. We are pleased to share a selection of Professional Inquiry Projects (PIPs) completed by current Interns.

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How to Incorporate Blackfoot Values into the Early Elementary Classroom…Kate Lawless

How can Blackfoot values be used to incorporate FNMI content into the Early Elementary classroom in order to consistently teach Indigenous content to students while also teaching them valuable social and emotional concepts?

Going Gradeless: The Impact of Formative-Only Assessment in the Classroom…Annika Vacey

Does establishing a gradeless classroom encourage students to further develop their literacy skills without the extrinsic motivation of grades?

Fed Up With EDs…Kit Zachery

Can teaching students about body image and disordered eating change any maladaptive and/or misinformed beliefs students may have, and can it result in the prevention or treatment of eating disorders in students?

Community Building During COVID-19…Kealin Seppala

How can we build a whole school community during a global pandemic?

Sport and Connection: The Importance and Implementation of Group Exercise and Team Sport in Middle Schools…Carolyn McKee

In what ways can resources, activities, and assessments of group fitness and team sports direct and contribute to positive feelings, experiences, and positive self-esteem of 11-13 year old students?

EA’s in the Classroom…Nicole Benoit

What practices are effective in working with Educational Assistants (EA’s) in the classroom?

The ChrisTmaS Workshop…Joel Heyland

How can CTS courses utilize government funding?

Indigenous Talking Circles and Student Wellness…Brae Clowes

How can incorporating Indigenous traditional practices increase student wellness during a global pandemic?

Student Engagement in an Online Learning Environment…Delaney O'Flaherty

In this new world of pandemic learning, maintaining student engagement is vital. How can an educator retain student engagement, even over the online platform?

Newt’s PE Games: A Phys Ed Resource For All to Ensure Skill Development is Both Fun and Effective!…Brady Newton

To what extent can a Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) method be used to develop sport-specific skills?

Intrinsic Literacy: Building Intrinsic Motivation in Student Learning…Angela Court

To what extent can building intrinsic motivation increase engagement with literacy?

FNMI Integration Resource for Physical Education Teachers…Parker Bijl & Jesse Gyles

How can Indigenous ways of life be effectively integrated into Physical Education?

Online Teaching and Learning Strategies in the Photomath Era…Kirsi Midyette

What can we do to ensure effective instruction and accurate assessments? How can we support student and teacher wellness? How can we navigate communication challenges?

ESports: Using a Virtual Environment to Build School Spirit…Bennett Gustafson

How can ESports be utilized to build a stronger school community?

Engagement in the Quarter System…Madison Lehti

How can student engagement and success be created in a quarter system model?

Reflective Practices in Mathematics…Raeesa Shivji

How can we get young math learners to reflect on their mathematical thinking to help them better understand fundamental math concepts, deepen their comprehension, and keep them engaged?

How Can Educators Design a Learning Environment and Implement Guidelines That Most Benefit Student Learning and Success…Jennifer Cox & Gemma Oxley

How do different administrative decisions regarding school operations and routine affect and influence students and schools? To what extent does a school’s environment and structure impact student learning? How should we as educators best design a school system to successfully implement an optimal learning environment?

To Be a Lear'nin…Madison Moore

To what extent are my differentiation strategies, technology integration, content delivery, and classroom culture affected by a Low German Mennonite classroom context?

Inclusivity and the Seven Sacred Teachings…Amy Tatro

How can the Seven Sacred Teachings be used to create an Inclusive Learning Environment?

Tackling Racial Underrepresentation in Majority White Schools…Deema Abushaban

How can educators tackle the issue of racial underrepresentation in majority white schools?

My Journey to Conceptual Understanding: An Unconventional PIP for an Unprecedented Time…Andie Gingrich

How does the conceptual understandings approach impact the planning and teaching process, and subsequently student learning?

Using Digital Escape Rooms for Grade Nine Provincial Achievement Test Preparation…Danika Peters

How can I implement effective, engaging, and COVID-19 conscious Provincial Achievement Test preparation for grade nine reading comprehension?

Pandemic Destressor…Peter Lan

What are some ways to reduce school staff stress during the pandemic?

Integrating Literacy Strategies into High School STEM Subjects…Crystal Rosene

What are some ways that literacy can be integrated into high school STEM subjects with a focus on reading, comprehending, and communicating STEM concepts, and how can these methods be used to aid in the transition from high school level academics into post-secondary STEM academia?

The Emotionally Regulated Classroom…Laura Dixon

How can mindfulness strategies and activities be used to promote a more trauma sensitive, emotionally regulated classroom environment?

Minecraft in the Classroom…Shar Johnston

What role and impact can Minecraft Education Edition have in the Social Studies classroom?

Addressing Racism Toward the FIrst Nation, Métis and Inuit Community…Cailey Schatz

How can teachers contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society when they encounter racist behaviour?

Children's Books in the High School Science Classroom…Samantha Tinworth

How can the use of Children’s books in the High School science class increase student engagement and understanding of difficult scientific topics?

"We're Here to Learn": Engaging Our Teenagers…Evelyn Kampert

How can engagement be enhanced to improve learning?

Land-Based Learning and Critical Literacy Theory…Abigail Martin

To what extent does critical, place-based literacy support literacy and Indigenous connections in the early childhood elementary classroom?

Hands-On Science: Building Curiosity in the Classroom…Hannah Stonjeck

In what ways does frequent use of interactive and hands-on learning experiences engage learners and foster curiosity about the Nature of Science?

From Stone Tablets to Digital Tablets: Technology in the ELA Classroom…Kiana Pennington

What is the role and impact of digital learning in the English Language Arts classroom?

Math Differentiation: Low-Floor, High-Ceiling Tasks…Rebecca Lewis

Do low-floor, high-ceiling tasks effectively differentiate grade seven mathematics?

Alternative Ways of Reporting Standards-Based Grading…Chelsea Erion & Merrick Dennill

What pragmatic concerns are possible barriers to outcome-based reporting and to what extent can those barriers be overcome?

The Importance of Teaching Academic Vocabulary in Division III and IV Setting…Sophie Kellett

In a profession where vocabulary is primarily taught to Grades K through 6, how can I as an educator make vocabulary acquisition interesting and effective for my students in division three and four?

Beyond Remembering and Understanding…Dalyn Joy Pearce

How can we challenge students to engage in critical thinking and why is this important?

Offline Games in Social Studies 8…Art Verhoef

How can I effectively use games in Social Studies 8 to gain full-class engagement while still assessing the outcome? 

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Teaching Literacy Using Multimodal Literature Across All Subject Matters…Caileigh Sheppard

To what extent can multimodal literacy extend beyond the confines of the traditional English Language Arts classroom?

Project Based Learning: What Our Students Gained…Hana Moore & Becca Klein

What are learning and behaviour effects of implementing Project Based Learning into your classroom?

Teaching While White: Navigating Anti-Racist Pedagogy as a White Educator…Destiny Rothenburg

In what ways can white educators implement anti-racist teaching practices?

Ukuleles: A Creative Impact on Student Learning…Zoë Bracken & Reilly Matthews

To what extent does playing ukuleles enhance student learning?

Mindful, “Kindful”, Peaceful: Mindfulness in the Elementary Classroom…Brooke Harty

How can mindfulness in the classroom encourage elementary students to develop positive emotional regulation, enhancing their motivation to learn?

Games and Art: Changing How Kids Learn…Tia Giesbrecht & Nolan Jacob

Does play improve student executive functioning and behaviour?

Have you Flipped Your Lid?…Breanna Tonin

​How can teachers implement emotional regulation strategies into the classroom to help our students (and ourselves!) when we 'flip our lids'?

Classroom Management Strategies…Deanna Fraulin

What are the most effective classroom management strategies to use in Division 1 classrooms?

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Conflict vs. Bullying: An Informative Display…Shelby Johnson & Kennedy Gurski

How can student perspectives and definitions contribute to an information campaign about bullying in our schools?

Grace and Catholic Education…Kate MacNeil

Does the shared faith of our Catholic school community cultivate and promote relationship growth and does this have a direct impact on student success?

Calm Cafe…Luc Mackay & Nicole Perl

To what extent do school mental health initiatives increase student learning? 

Biblical Allusions: Religion in the ELA Classroom…Amanda Omilon

Does incorporation of religious context in English Language Arts enhance student comprehension?

More French Please!…Brigitte Paquette-Smith

To what extent can teacher-created, technology-based assistive tools facilitate and promote French Learning?

The Power of a Picture Book…Stephanie Croft

How can picture books/literature be integrated into all subject areas?

Building Reading Comprehension Confidence…Erin Yaremcio

How does teaching and practicing effective reading comprehension strategies and testing taking strategies, help improve student confidence when it comes to reading comprehension exams?

“I’d Rather Do Anything Than Write This Test…” : Looking at Test Anxiety Through a Multidisciplinary Lens…Suneet Kharey & Ben Beland

How can we use a multidisciplinary approach to identify indicators, implement strategies of wellness, and alleviate anxiety towards assessment? 

Real-Life STEM: 9 Guest Speakers Share Experiences From the Field…Deanna Fox & Travis Woodward

To what extent can guest speaker presentations addressing the realities of STEM careers benefit students' understanding of the nature of science?

Outdoor Education in Division One Classrooms…Mallory Vanderveen

What are effective ways to integrate outdoor learning into a typical lower elementary classroom?

Teaching of Social Norms to Early Elementary Students…Sierra Hansen

Does teaching manners and simple social norms in early elementary help students to feel safe (respected) and included with others at school?

Outdoor Games for PE…Andrea Nimmo

What outdoor games/activities correspond with the Physical Education Program of study for grade 10s

‘The Dorm’: FNMI Design Space Learning in High School…Vanessa Pavan

Does design space learning enhance student engagement in the inquiry process?

Creating Twenty Minute Numeracy Activities…Jessica Lohues & Sara Kloot

What resources are most effective in delivering a numeracy enhancement program focused on problem solving and critical thinking?

Combined Curriculum Unit Plan Exemplar: Science 24 and Foods 10…Natalie Cooley

To what extent can combined curriculum foster student engagement and teacher unity within schools?

Mindful Teaching…Katrina Szumlas

How can bringing mindfulness into the daily practice of teaching ready students for learning? 

Using Improv to Improve…Alexander Yanko

To what extent does improv (or the dramatic arts) affect students’ academic endeavors?

Teaching Science with Science Fiction…Kassandra (Kassy) Pointer

Can Educators Increase, And Maintain, Content Engagement By Teaching Science With Science Fiction?

Lexicon Booster: A Web-Based Tool for Vocabulary Building…Mark Fisk

How can high school teachers and students improve vocabulary acquisition? 

Assessment > Everything…RJ Balog

Is exam-based assessment restricting learning?

Supporting Student Mental Health Through Wellness Rooms…Anna Lovenuik

How can wellness rooms be integrated into schools to support student mental health, and how will initiatives like this be impacted by provincial budget cuts?

Multi-Age Classrooms and the Student Experience…Cheryl Imanse

In what ways are relationships affected by the presence of siblings and being in a multi-age classroom?

Strengthening Practice Through a Process of Observation, Discussion, Collaboration, Research and Reflection…Jacob Verhesen

To what extent do professional observations and discussions with colleagues inform my practice?

The Benefit of an Online Practicum for PS III…Shane Johnson

Is there value in an online placement for a practicum student?

“Brain Breaks" for Students in High School!…Sarah Kerr, Samantha Beyak, Jessica Shewchuk & Ashley Prefontaine

Can the creation and implementation of a comprehensive collection of “Brain Breaks” maximize engagement and academic success in the classroom?

Inii (Bison) Inquiry Project…Jessie Black Water & Charlene Oka

How can we implement Blackfoot knowledge of the bison into teaching students about ecosystems?

Physical Activity for Community Growth and Belonging…Arron Lai

How can an intramural program be modelled/adapted in a small-town community to further build community and promote health and wellness?

Growth Mindset and Art Therapy…Erika Kok

How can principles of art therapies encourage a growth mindset in students?

Fostering Growth Mindset…Myken Carew

How can we use Growth Mindset to create meaningful and effective learning experiences for all (excelling & underperforming) students, while being considerate of their individual contexts, in order to encourage these students to become life long learners?

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Classroom Instagram 101…Ramona Badau & Emma Parent

How can social media benefit your classroom?

Elementary Educators: Applying Foundational Knowledge ​about FNMI Peoples…Jazmin Roe & Antonia Comanda

How are Alberta elementary educators applying foundational knowledge about First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples in their classrooms? 

It's Genius Hour in Grade Four!...Devon Peck

How can we use research skills to encourage students to be motivated, independent learners in the elementary classroom?

Play-Facilitated Education…Madison Dovell & Nathan Comstock

What is play-facilitated learning? How has play-facilitated learning impacted schools? How can play-facilitated learning benefit a variety of learners within the classroom?

Happy Vibes: An Extra-Curricular Program for Division 1…Katie Duval & Heidi Strom

How can the implementation of an extra-curricular program for division 1 help foster feelings of school inclusion for both students and parents?

English Language Learners and the Power of "Yet"!…Adara Morrow & Elyse Mastel

What are the benefits of a growth mindset, especially in elementary ELL students?

The World in Your Classroom: A Google Earth Project…Dani Janzen

How can Google Earth become more accessible to teachers?

Blended Learning: Letting Students Determine Place, Pace, and Path…Taylor Gordon

How can blended learning opportunities enhance student engagement in our classrooms?

Learning to Stay: A Case for Place Based Education in Rural Schools…Aileen Davidson

To what extent has and does public academic education result in the marginalisation of rural people and lifestyles? How can we make public education work in rural areas?

Behavior Intervention in the Classroom…Jocelyn Martinez

What behavior intervention resources are available to teachers and how can they navigate the tiers of behavior support?

Elementary Kindness Ninjas…Jessie Rieger & Ashlyn Vanderlinde

How can we best model and inspire kindness amongst our students and school community?

Making Mindfulness Possible…Ashley Pasiciel

How can we, as educators, better understand the realities students face outside the classroom by implementing mindfulness and creating a positive learning environment?

Using Process-Oriented Art Activities to Foster Self-Efficacy in Students…Alex Wright

How can process oriented art activities reduce social anxiety and build self-efficacy in students?

The CIA: Why Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Should be One in the Classroom…Brady Hornung

How can I blend Instruction and Assessment into one to create more engaging learning experiences while freeing up class time?

A Resource for Instructional and Classroom Management Strategies…Gibion Makiwa

What instructional strategies can be used to engage students and minimize or reduce unwanted behavior?

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Coaching Soccer for Beginners…Safiyya Punjani

A Collection of P.E. Games to Enhance Skills and Encourage Positive Participation…Breanne Newton

Why Do You Coach?…Devyn Meier & Sydney Milligan

Assessment in Physical Education…Jayda Wynia

Inclusivity in the Physical Education Classroom…Amanda Carter

Games Club to Increase Numeracy in Schools…Rachel Vanderkley

Creative Writing Club…Jennifer Heninger & Kendel Alstad

Chess Club…Brayden Gill

Chess Club: Don't En Passant This Up!…Adam Palmer & Mike Harrison

Building School Community Through a Multi-Age Drama Club…Emma Huff & Bella Sapsford

Dungeons and Dragons and ELA/Social Studies Outcomes…Brian Kim

Philosophical Discussion in High School…Dustin Sandau

Teach and Question: A Study Technique…Nicole Rice

The Effects of Growth Mindset in Mathematics…Samantha Lesyk

"Pardon my French": Making French a Part of Daily Life For Learners…Andrew Spearman

Learning Support in French Immersion…Fisayo Latilo

Think Interdisciplinary!…Brett Weighill

Developing Leaders in Elementary…Evan West

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Knowledge Through Picture Books in the Elementary Music Classroom…Megan Fong

Strategies for Reluctant Readers…Karley Regehr

Kindergarten Literacy Backpacks…Julie Bailey

ABC Books and RBPs: A Different Application to a Multi-Grade Program…Erica Thompson

Encouraging Literacy Learning with Student Presentations…Cathryn Story

Trauma-Informed Education…Mitchell Duram, Adam Gibson & Logan Shephard

Teacher Wellness…Mario Boivin

Teachers, Stress, and Anxiety, Oh My!…Emily Kenney

Making Mindfulness Matter…Zoe Kawalilak & Tyrel McGonigal

Digital Citizenship in the Classroom…Christina McLellan & Kate Kovacs

Twitter Used as a Hub for Student Learning…Joel Houle

The Edwin Pilot Program: Google Devices for Each Student…Jenna Eddleston

Engaging Students in Physical Education Assessment Using PlickersBrendan Kearl

Managing the Impact of Environment on Student Learning in a P3 School…Taylor McDonald

Alternative Education in Alberta…Elisha Hunter

Biology 20 Meets Career and Technology Studies (CTS)…Carmine Herzog

Small Spaces, Big Ideas: How to Utilize the Space You Have…Cidney Stinnissen

All These Ukuleles, So Little Budget…Sarah-May Morton

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Creating Active Lunch Recess Opportunities for Grade Three Students…Megan Axford

Growth Mindset…Cayli Barclay

Intrinsic Motivation and Physical Education…Albert Musliu

Strong Body and Mind…Cybil Cheung

Influencing Self-Care Skills and Positive Interpersonal Relationships by Implementing Common Sense Skills in School…Ashton Udal

Learning to Move…Kailee Lipiec

Junior High Math Activities…Cleighton Boehme

Helping Parents Navigate the Changing Waters of Math Education…Michael Knight

Movement in Mathematics…Lexi Ulrich

Differentiated Reading Programs and Student Success…Sophia Gross

Teaching Math for Newbies: Effective Math Instructional Strategies…Barbra Entz

Life, Actually: Maximizing Your Middle School Drama Production…Brittney Cressy

What? Elementary Music?!…Dan Hall

Engaging Students in Art History, Creativity, and Critical Thinking…Brittany Sander

Elementary School Coding Club…Kevin Masson

No Equipment? No Problem!: How to Run a Low-Equipment Intramural Program in an Elementary School Setting…Ashley Enslen, Kristen Millband & Shannon Scott

Implementing a Broadcasting Option in School…Kate Bollum

What Are the Benefits of Promoting Leadership Through a Student Council?…Constance Colley

Brain Breaks With Limited Use of Technology…Agatha Klassen

Using "Take-Home Pets" to Motivate Students…Cassidy Shostak

Embedding the Circle of Courage…Abbey Hakin

Teaching With Technology!: How Can Educators Effectively Integrate Technology Into Their Classrooms?…Leah Benson

Embedded Formative Assessment…Naomi Entz

Using Rubrics to Help Students Grow as Assessment-Capable Learners…Elizabeth Hass

Effective Self-Assessment Implementation…Alana Millard

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Technical Theatre Students…Taylor Fornwald

Can tech theatre students feel like they have a significant role and are part of the show’s team?

Integrating Art Into Core Curriculum…Matthew Fosen

Within a project-based learning model, how can art can be integrated into core curriculum learning while serving to strengthen student confidence in themselves?

Critiquing Online…Angela McPeake & Samantha Davis

Is there a benefit to cross-classroom collaboration within the art critique practice as a means of formative assessment?

Involving Students in Community Service…Caitlin Mitchell

Can you widen the views of a millennial generation teenager?

Teacher as Theatre Producer…Kristen Mazzuca

How Do You Produce a Musical Theatre Production?

Sign Language Performance…Samantha Scott

How does nonverbal communication in the form of Sign Language affect scripted work and movement in the Dramatic Arts?

Literacy Testing in Junior High School…Erica Bexte & Chantal Beazer

How Can Fountas and Pinnell Testing Assist in Correlating Literacy Levels with Star Reader to Achieve a Long-term Goal of increased Literacy Rates at Cardston Junior High School?

Take-Home Literacy Bags…Stephanie Gokarn

How can I enhance student literacy skills while connecting home and school?

Mini-Lessons for Daily 5...Taylor Heidinger

When doing the Daily 5, there is not always a lot of time for mini lessons. So, what skills do we need to teach and how do we teach them to make the most of our time?

Science Demonstrations and Experiments…Tanner Bexson & Koreen Klassen

Why Aren't "Fireworks" More Frequent in the Science Classroom?

Instructional Strategies…Grace Martin & Young Shin

What strategies can teachers use to create an effective learning environment that engages students in the quarter system?

Active Learning in Math…Lisa Shoesmith

How can I increase student engagement in math?

Integrating Movement and Early Literacy…Kimberley Bates

How can early literacy instruction be integrated with movement-based activities?

The Benefit of Intramurals…Jenna Jewison

How does physical activity affect motivation, behaviour and academic performance in the classroom?

"Why Play?"…Ashley Speakman & Alissa Davies

Our inquiry looked at the benefits of play and how it is linked to the Alberta Kindergarten curriculum.

Creating Smudge Boxes in CTF Class…William Lowry

How can we bring meaningful FNMI content into CTF/CTS classes, given they are not generally known for having a cultural/societal focus.

Creating Brave Bots…Stephen Bore

How can brave bots (personalized paintings on dominoes) be used in Middle School, a time of great change and struggle, to help remind students that they are capable of doing great things?

Cross-Curricular Community Building Unit…Emily Smith

How can drama build and strengthen our classroom community?

Student Government and Leadership…Cassandra Nabozniak

Does being involved in student government have an effect on a student’s leadership skills and community involvement?

Building Community School-Wide…Dan Pulfer

Using the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays playoff run as a case study, how do school-wide events contribute to a sense of community among students?

Stage Combat and Acting for the Camera…Jessica Nottell

How does a teacher successfully implement a new student club from start to finish while looking at the possibilities of content integration within a desired course curriculum?

Augmented Reality using AurasmaEmily Welch

How can augmented reality (AR) be used in the classroom? What can AR do to enhance student experience?

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How Can Mobile Apps Enhance an Elementary Classroom? Which Apps Are Best to Invest In?…Alyssa Andreachuk

Just prior to my PSIII, my internship school bought an iPad mini for each classroom. Teachers were unsure of what apps to spend money on, so I decided to make them an online app guide organized by grade level.

What Activities Are Available to Actively and Intentionally Build Classroom Community Without Sacrificing Significant Instruction Time?…Meagan Fullerton-Lee

I looked at ways to develop and maintain classroom community in active and intentional ways without sacrificing a great deal of class time. To do so, I found a variety of individual, pair/small group, and whole class strategies that would meet this end in 15 minutes or less.

How Does the "Leader in Me" Philosophy Play a Part in Our School Culture and Our Students' Daily Lives?…Natasha Hayduk

For my project I designed a webpage about Stephen Covey's "Leader in Me 7 Habits." The webpage highlighted the "Leader in Me" philosophy, what our school is actively doing to embody the 7 Habits, and what parents can do at home to embrace the "Leader in Me" beliefs.

What Strategies Can Be Used to Improve Student Literacy?…Kayla Meller

My professional inquiry project addressed the literacy needs of students within the classroom. The focus was to provide literacy intervention strategies that can be implemented both in the classroom and with additional support where available.

How Can the School Community Build Character in its Students?…Johannah Wirzba

During my Internship we worked on a variety of projects and activities that would help build growth mindset, grit, mindfulness and gratitude. The second component was a website that gave resources to parents and teachers about character strengths and how to build them.

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Digital Citizenship (Be Aware… and Beware)…Rita Abou Gharib

I have been working in collaboration with the staff and students of D.A. Ferguson Middle School on Digital Citizenship. As part of a project-based course, students prepared and hosted D.A. Ferguson’s first ever student-led Digital Awareness Evening.

Soccer Team…Ian Cooke

I took on the opportunity to coach the boys’ soccer team at Tom Baines junior high school. We assembled a group of 21 boys and played a total of six games.

Community Through Music…Andrew Crabbe

I started a Guitar Club at Winston Churchill High School that met at lunch three times per week. The purpose of this project was to foster a sense of community among a diverse population of students through the study of guitar and popular music.

Grade 8 Science Finds…Alyssa Gaudet

I created a blog for my students to post current articles about science. Each week, a student from each class finds an article and posts it to the blog. The other students then read the article of their choice and add comments to it.

Masked Theatre Performance…Megan Hewko

Masked Theatre was a project that I came up with in hopes to bring dramatic arts to elementary school students. My project has been designed for 10 grade four students and 10 grade five students with mixed reading abilities.

Collaborative Creation with Students…Bret Jesse

Within a four-week timeline, students at Raymond Jr High School developed, built, rehearsed and performed an original haunted house project.

Entrepreneurship…Todd Manton

I chose to develop a project around my past experiences in life, and goal setting with my students. The purpose of the project was to inspire students to set goals, as well as understand that if you want to achieve something in your life it takes dedication and a positive attitude.

The LAma Project: Beiseker's 100th Anniversary Heritage Play…Brittany Miller

From September to December, I taught units of amalgamated Language Arts and Drama which the students and I referred to as LAma. Students drafted, scripted, and wrote the content of the 100th anniversary heritage play with my guidance.

Erring On The Side of Comedy…Keith Miller

This project examines the process of creating a middle school production of William Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors. The project takes the participants on a journey from initial discussions about the play through auditions, and into rehearsals.

Using Moodle to Maximize Student Learning…Spencer Wenzel

Moodle is a great tool to enhance the learning process for students. Many teachers have a desire to integrate Moodle in their classrooms but lack the technological background to do so. For that reason I have made a Moodle “how-to” guide and gifted it to the school for such teachers.

The Bottom Line: Literacy in the Science Classroom…Ray Wilde

The Bottom Line is a student journaling project. On a bi-weekly basis, students are given prompts which address big questions and main ideas. They are responsible for submitting a meaningful response electronically via the class website.

Observations and Resources from a Restorative Classroom…Michael Willems

The English Language Learners with Limited Formal Schooling (ELL LFS) Program at Winston Churchill High School is a very unique approach to education. The program has 16 students, the majority of whom were born in refugee camps in Nepal. It is designed specifically for students who are brand new to Canada and are unable to function in a mainstream classroom.

Experiencing Through Games…Steve Woodcock

To what extent can student engagement and learning be increased by the use of games and simulations in the grade 11 social studies classroom?