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Alumni Survey

Dear Alumnus,

On behalf of the Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge, we sincerely hope that you and your family are doing well during these unprecedented times. As graduates of our program, we consider you part of our legacy and we care about each one of you. Moreover, the Faculty of Education is immensely proud of your accomplishments and contributions to the educational community and society at large. It is in that spirit that we are asking for your assistance.

The Faculty of Education is committed to excellence in teacher preparation, and as such, is seeking your thoughts and opinions regarding our program as you experienced it. We have developed an Alumni Survey that is designed to best understand all that we do well in preparing pre-service teachers, but also to reflect upon where we can improve. As alumnus, you can provide insights that aid in this endeavor. Please note that the Alumni Survey was available in December to a small group of recent graduates. It is now available for wider distribution. If you have already completed the survey, we thank you immensely for your time and participation, otherwise we are asking for all other Alumni to complete the survey at their earliest convenience. Please find the link below:

Thank you for considering this request.  We hope that you can find approximately 15 minutes to let us know how our program prepared you for your future and how we may address the needs of future educators. Like you, we are life-long learners who are prepared to grow and adapt to the changing needs of our profession and communities.



A. Craig Loewen, PhD
Professor & Dean
Faculty of Education