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Celebrating Inquiry: Fall 2015 v.2 no.1

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Science Demonstrations and Experiments...Tanner Bexson & Koreen Klassen

Why Aren't "Fireworks" More Frequent in the Science Classroom?


This PIP came out of a necessity to help Alberta science teachers easily make science come to life. We felt like our students were not interested in the subject matter we were teaching, and wanted to bring more activity-based learning into the class. We researched different types of demos and labs, then correlated them to Alberta outcomes in a curriculum-oriented database.


Tanner took on the coding of the website, and we both tested science demonstrations in our Science 9, Science 10 and Chem 20 classes. Based on their effectiveness we implemented them into the PIP. It was a lot of work and it still will be, but there were no major setbacks.


This project was developed (and is still being developed) for Alberta teachers around the province. Due to its immense scope it is still very much in its infancy even though it is functional in its current form. This project is meant to impact not only our students and school but is also going to hopefully impact science education in Alberta as it progresses. We hope to share our project to make it easier for all teachers bring science to life in the classroom.

Tanner is a physics and education double major who just completed his Internship teaching chemistry 20 and science 9.'s University Project/PIP.html