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Celebrating Inquiry: Fall 2015 v.2 no.1

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Teacher as Theatre Producer...Kristen Mazzuca

How Do You Produce a Musical Theatre Production?


For drama majors, putting on a school production can be an expected, but daunting, task. Over the course of my third professional semester I looked at all the specifics of producing a musical theatre production. This professional inquiry project looks at all the small, and big, pieces of running a production from start to finish.


To do this project I had to follow the step-by-step the process that the director took in creating the musical theatre production at school. I ensured that every thing the teacher did with regard to the production was recorded, whether it was big or small. From sending a parent letter home to ordering the licensing for the show, I had to ensure that I was making a note in my inquiry project of how and why this was done. One of the biggest surprises was the budget for this show, which was substantially large for a junior high. I realized that not all schools would have this supply of funds and I had to think about how these steps would be taken in a different school. This is where my idea for our grant application came from.


This project impacted the school in a large way, because I was able to fill the vacant role of stage manager, a role that was previously assumed by a teacher no longer there. The stage manager plays a huge role in the organizational aspects of the show. My internship school was also left with a detailed copy of how this production was run. This guide can help contribute to continued success in the school’s fine arts department no matter who the drama teacher may be.

Professionally, this project has now set me up for success in the future. No matter which school I fall into in my first teaching job, I will have the ability and knowledge to undertake a school production. The extent of my learning was extremely large: this is not knowledge that one learns in the drama department or the education department. This is knowledge one learns from experience in this area. This project has allowed me to now proceed confidently into my first teaching position ready for whatever is thrown at me.

Kristen is completing her program at the University of Lethbridge, with a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts and Bachelor of Education. She just finished her PSIII Internship at St. Francis Junior High in Lethbridge. Alberta.