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Celebrating Inquiry: Fall 2015 v.2 no.1

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Stage Combat and Acting for the Camera...Jessica Nottell

How does a teacher successfully implement a new student club from start to finish while looking at the possibilities of content integration within a desired course curriculum?

The intent of this professional inquiry project was to gain knowledge in the area of extra curricular club development. My goal was to gain insight that might increase opportunities for curriculum integration through student clubs, as well as to gain experience that I could share in future teaching positions. This project also addresses the need for diversity within the extra curricular options for students.

The two clubs I formed are a stage combat club named Extreme Acting: Acting on the Edge and specialized acting club called Acting for the Camera. Both clubs were developed through the fine arts department at Lester B Pearson high school.
These clubs have been malleable in that the needs of the students have come before a prescribed curriculum. Both clubs looked to interact with each other. The stage combat club worked with the film club to develop resources for upcoming events at the school. Their major projects were:

1) The opening introduction to the audience at the musical theatre show.

2) Redesigning school news and events notices to be more student-focused, using humour to create appeal.

3) Bringing awareness to the arts at pep rallies prior to games.

Ms. Jessica Nottell has a BFA and BEd from the U of L as of December 2015. Over the past twelve years Jessica found her passion for teaching while working as both a Dance and Fight Instructor/Choreographer. She is excited to use her professional experience to inform her teaching.