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We are committed to the well-being of our students and partners in determining what the future might look like in the Faculty of Education. As you may be aware, the University of Lethbridge will offer instruction and support with online delivery in the Fall 2020 semester. With this in mind—and with the contours of the COVID-19 guidelines in place—we aspire to move forward responsibly delivering online the quality of instruction and support that our undergraduate and graduate programs are known for.

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During this unprecedented time we would like you to know that we continue to operate—in these unusual circumstances, on a different kind of platform. Going forward we continue to be here for you.

Faculty of Education staff are working remotely and are able to assist. 
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A Circle is Complete: Nathan Comstock (BA/BEd ’19)

Every school board has excellent first year teachers, teachers who deserve to be recognized for their outstanding efforts. This year, University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education alumni, Nathan Comstock is the 2020 …

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Wellness is stillness: Jane O'Dea

Wellness for me is stillness – the kind of stillness that occurs when you are utterly and completely absorbed in something you love, or are fascinated by, to the point where time …

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Wellness is coping with stress through art and music: Jenn Pellerin (BA ’12)

I believe that education is the great equalizer and during this pandemic it is clear home-based learning does not provide a very level playing field for all students. I know that when we get to …

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Wellness during the COVID-19 experience, PSII and staying connected: Kelsey Shoults

This experience has definitely shown the importance of being flexible and adapting to the circumstances that you are in which is so important when it comes to teaching.

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Coping with COVID-19: Loneliness

“The definition of loneliness is feeling alone against our will,” says Dr. Dawn McBride, drawing on the words of developmental psychologist, Susan Pinker. At a time of mandatory social isolation and distancing due …

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Wellness is being in the moment: Kenneth Oppel

Once schools closed, I started getting requests from teachers who had been in the middle of studying one of my novels in class. They wanted to know if they could continue online, with …

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Twitter education community: books are a form of wellness

Books on the Faculty of Education Twitter feed are a big deal—just follow some of our faculty members, student teachers, and education community. You'll see evidence of the passion for books, for sharing …

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What is a book-tasting?

Faculty of Education master teacher, Rhona Harkness explains that the book tasting experience is one of a kind for many reasons. You first create the ambiance that engages your students. You set the …

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Wellness is about having a consistent routine: Alex Funk (BEd '17)

Without the structure of the day-to-day routine to rely on, it can be difficult to find a sense of balance. Faculty of Education alumna, Alex Funk (BEd '17) has found her own equilibrium …

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