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Welcome to the Faculty of Education

We are committed to the well-being of our students and partners in determining what the future might look like in the Faculty of Education. As you may be aware, the University of Lethbridge will offer instruction and support with online delivery in the Fall 2020 semester. With this in mind—and with the contours of the COVID-19 guidelines in place—we aspire to move forward responsibly delivering online the quality of instruction and support that our undergraduate and graduate programs are known for.

How can we help you?

During this unprecedented time we would like you to know that we continue to operate—in these unusual circumstances, on a different kind of platform. Going forward we continue to be here for you.

Faculty of Education staff are working remotely and are able to assist. 
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Student Program Services

Undergraduate Advising on Admissions, Program Planning, Graduation & more

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Field Experiences

Forms, guidelines & other resources for off-campus practicum field experiences

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Teaching Community

Information for schools, Teacher Associates & Mentors looking to get involved

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Learning and Teaching in Rural Schools

“I developed learning skills through the patience of my teachers in a small school. That’s when I decided I was going to be a teacher.” ­­— Janice Jensen

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Bridging Neuroscience and Education

“I chose the MEd Teaching, Learning and Neuroscience program because it is the only one offered in western Canada to bridge the three disciplines of psychology, neuroscience, and education."

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A Career Devoted to Teachers and Students

"Teachers who understand neuropsychology improve pedagogy." Neuroscientist Dr. Bryan Kolb credits Faculty of Education's Dr. Nancy Grigg for her key role in developing Canada’s first Master of Education in Teaching, Learning and …

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Teaching and Assessing for Life Beyond the Classroom

Quality of life for two of Slomp’s disabled brothers has hinged upon advocacy writing. The ability of family members to problem solve what various agencies needed from them in their proposals for …

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Wellness is the Coulees: Aaron Stout

"With the move to online delivery of our Fall 2020 semester, we still want our Faculty of Education students to be aware that wellness is a key component of our program."

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Wellness is About Writing: Teri Hartman (BA/BEd '02, current MEd student)

I’ve learned over the years that compassion is the greatest indicator of wellness for me, and this includes empathy for not only others, but for myself. Writing has taught me the ultimate …

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A Convocation Story: Sharing the Joy with Rita Lal (MEd '20)

"A very special happening took place that I would like to tell you about." Dr. Carmen Mombourquette, Faculty of Education

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Wellness is Spending Time Outdoors: Dana Visser

What advice can you offer colleagues who may be having difficulty coping at this time? Be kind to yourself and show yourself grace. Take time to refocus your goals and intentions, and …

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Five questions with Shining Graduate Jennifer Matosevic (BMus '18, BEd ’20)

In her final practicum, Jennifer's school administrator described her as a “highly skilled, reflective, and organized teacher." Her teacher mentors call her a “dedicated professional that strives for excellence,” and go on to say, …

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