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  • Shah, Bhilal A. (Lethbridge Undergraduate Research JournalSchool of Distance EducationEnglish and Foreign Languages University, 2009-01)
  • Berenji, Shahin (Lethbridge Undergraduate Research JournalUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of Southern California, 2008-03)
  • Booth, Logan S. (Lethbridge Undergraduate Research JournalNew York UniversityNew York University, 2009-01)
    Policy makers are rational actors who use distinct ideologies in forming their preferences and deciding on which courses of policy to pursue. Yet often times, the decisions of these actors are based off skewed ideologies ...
  • Lillegard, Theresa M. (Lethbridge Undergraduate Research JournalRogers State UniversityRogers State University, 2008-06)
    Racial violence in the United States has been well-documented by scholars but many questions remain unanswered. The rash of race riots that occurred during and immediately after WWI is a violent and destructive part of ...
  • Sexsmith, Melissa M. (Lethbridge Undergraduate Research JournalUniversity of LethbridgeUniversity of Lethbridge, 2006-04)
    Jonathan Swift, one of the most famous satirists in the English canon, is renowned for his misogyny and his general misanthropy is infamous; some of the most reviled allegedly antifeminine works he produced are included ...
  • Thakkar, Neal (Lethbridge Undergraduate Research JournalVirginia Commonwealth UniversityVirginia Commonwealth University, 2009-03)
    This paper examines different theories on the reasons why students procrastinate on their academic assignments. Although the fear of failure, self-regulatory failures and low self-efficacy have been linked to procrastination ...
  • Derrick, Geoffrey J. (Lethbridge Undergraduate Research JournalNorthwestern UniversityNorthwestern University Chicago, IL, 2007-06)
    The intersection of an individual's First Amendment right to political speech and the executive branch's war policy has been the subject of much recent scholarship. The unique challenges of the War on Terror have led ...
  • Volpicelli, Robert (Lethbridge Undergraduate Research JournalIthaca CollegeIthaca College, 2009-01)
    Post-colonial studies have shown many deficiencies in our modern scholarship. Similarly, this paper will attempt to illustrate that colonization has not been fully evaluated in the arena of Christian studies. Deconstructing ...
  • Swanson, Bethaney (Arts and ScienceWomen's StudiesUniversity of Lethbridge, 2007-11)
    Swanson provides an autobiographical work history and reflects on the concepts of agency and "choice".
  • Detheridge, Chelsea (Arts and ScienceWomen's StudiesUnviersity of Lethbridge, 2007-11)
    Detheridge reflects on her family background and provides an autobiographical account of her own work history.
  • Baker, Cindy (Arts and ScienceWomen's StudiesUniversity of Lethbridge, 2013-10-01)
    Baker reflects on her family background and provides and autobiographical account of her family and her work history.
  • Kelly, Jessica (Arts and ScienceWomen's StudiesUniversity of Lethbridge, 2013-06)
    Kelly reflects on her family background and provides an autobiographical account of her parents and her own work history.
  • Kitagawa, Tammy (Arts and ScienceWomen's StudiesUniversity of Lethbridge, 2007-11)
    Kitagawa provides an autobiographical account of both her waged and unwaged work history.

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