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  • Ibanez, Agustin; Kotz, Sonja A.; Barrett, Louise; Moll, Jorge; Ruz, Maria (Frontiers MediaArts and ScienceDepartment of PsychologyDiego Portales UniversityUniversidad Autónoma del CaribeUniversity of ManchesterMax Planck Institute of Human Cognition and Brain SciencesUniversity of LethbridgeD'Or Institute for Research and EducationUniversity of GranadaFavaloro UniversityD'Or Institute for Research and Education (Brazil)Granada University, 2014)
    [Abstract not available]
  • Gonzalez, Claudia L. R.; Li, Fangfang; Mills, Kelly J.; Rosen, Nicole; Gibb, Robbin L. (Frontiers MediaArts and ScienceDepartment of Kinesiology and Physical EducationDepartment of PsychologyDepartment of NeuroscienceUniversity of LethbridgeUniversity of Manitoba, 2014)
    Degree of lateralization for grasping predicts the maturity of the language production system in young, typically-developing children. In this report we provide compelling evidence for the relationship between right hand ...
  • Vokey, John R.; Allen, Scott W. (Psyence InkArts and SciencePsychologyUniversity of Lethbridge, 2007)
    This book comprises a collection of lecture notes for the statistics component of the course Psychology 2030: Methods and Statistics from the Department of Psychology at the University of Lethbridge. In addition to basic ...
  • Lalumière, Martin L.; Rice, M. E. (SpringerArts and SciencePsychologyUniversity of LethbridgeMcMaster University, 2007)
    In a recent article Looman and Marshall (2005) questioned the validity of phallometric assessment of rapists based on the results of a study of incarcerated rapists and child molesters. In this commentary we offer (1) a ...
  • Suschinsky, Kelly D.; Lalumière, Martin L. (Evolutionary PsychologyArts and SciencePsychologyUniversity of Lethbridge, 2007)
    A Review of Steven M. Platek and Todd K. Shackelford (Eds.), Female Infidelity and Paternal Uncertainty: Evolutionary Perspectives on Male Anti-Cuckoldry Tactics. Cambridge University Press: New York, 2006. 248 pp. US$ ...
  • Petterson, Lanna J.; Dixson, Barnaby J.; Little, Anthony C.; Vasey, Paul L. (Public Library of ScienceArts and ScienceDepartment of PsychologyUniversity of LethbridgeUniversity of New South WalesUniversity of Stirling, 2015)
    Androphilia refers to attraction to adultmales, whereas gynephilia refers to attraction to adult females. The current study employed self-report and viewing time (response time latency) measures of sexual attraction to ...
  • Abell, Loren; Qualter, Pamela; Brewer, Gayle; Barlow, Alexandra; Stylianou, Maria; Henzi, Peter; Barrett, Louise (PsychOpenArts and ScienceDepartment of PsychologyUniversity of Central LancashireUniversity of ManchesterNeapolis UniversityUniversity of Lethbridge, 2015)
    The current study investigated the association between Machiavellianism and children’s peer interactions in the playground using observational methods. Primary school children (N = 34; 17 female), aged 9 to 11 years, ...

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