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  • Angheluta, Anne-Marie; Lee, Bonnie K. (Graduate Programs in Educational Psychology, University of CalgaryHealth SciencesUniversity of Lethbridge, 2011)
    Chronic pain is acknowledged as a phenomenological experience resulting from biological, psychological, and social interactions. Consequently, treatment for this complex and debilitating health phenomenon is often approached ...
  • Williams, Robert J.; Hann, Robert G.; Schopflocher, Donald Peter; West, Beverly L.; McLaughlin, Patricia; White, Nick; King, Kate; Flexhaug, Trevor (Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre, 2015)
    The Quinte Longitudinal Study (QLS) is a prospective study of gambling and problem gambling conducted in the Quinte region of Ontario, Canada from 2006 to 2011. A sample of 4,121 adults, 17 and older, was recruited via ...
  • Lee, Bonnie K. (Centre for Addiction and Mental HealthHealth SciencesUniversity of Lethbridge, 2014)
    In their article ‘‘Applying the codependency concept to significant others of problem gamblers: Words of caution’’, Calderwood and Rajesparam critique the codependency concept and highlight its problems when applied to ...
  • Lee, Bonnie K.; Moore, Madison (SciTechnolHealth SciencesUniversity of Lethbridge, 2014)
    Sex addiction has been a topic of debate. With the new DSM-V (2013) category of Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders that now includes gambling disorder, other excessive behaviors including sex are poised to capture ...
  • Lee, Bonnie K. (Lethbridge HeraldHealth SciencesUniversity of Lethbridge, 2011)
    The Public Professor is written by faculty at the University of Lethbridge. It runs Saturdays.