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Our institutional repository contains a collection of research, data and publications completed by the academic community. University of Lethbridge users can email a list of their publications (or CV containing the list) or any item(s) they would like added to

Please check if your publisher allows self-archiving at SHERPA/RoMEo's publisher copyright policies. If unavailable, use the SPARC Canadian Author Addendum to secure these rights to your future articles accepted for publication.

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  • Greve, T. R; Leonidaki, I; Xilouris, E.M; Weiss, A; Zhang, Z.-Y; van der Werf, P; Aalto, S; Armus, L; Diaz-Santos, T; Evans, A.S; Fischer, J; Gao, Y; Gonzalez-Alfonso, E; Harris, A; Henkel, C; Mekjerink, R; Naylor, D.A; Smith, H.A; Spaans, M; Stacey, G.J; Veilleux, S; Walter, F (American Astronomical Society, 2014)
    We present FIR[50 􀀀 300 m]􀀀CO luminosity relations (i.e., log LFIR = log L0 CO + ) for the full CO rotational ladder from J = 1 􀀀 0 up to J = 13 􀀀 12 for a sample of 62 local (z 0:1) (Ultra) Luminous Infrared ...
  • Kohler, M.; Habart, E; Arab, H; Bernard-Salas, J; Ayasso, H; Abergel, A; Zavagno, A; Polehampton, E; van der Wiel, M.H.D; Naylor, D.A; Makiwa, G; Dassas, K; Joblin, C; Pilleri, P; Berne, O; Fuente, A; Gerin, M; Goicoechea, J.R; Teyssier, D (Springer-Verlag, 2014)
    Context. The determination of the physical conditions in molecular clouds is a key step towards our understanding of their formation and evolution of associated star formation. We investigate the density, temperature, and ...
  • Graham, Rumi (University of Guelph, 2014)
    Most of Canada’s publicly-funded educational institutions have operated since the 1990s under blanket reprographic licences. But recent Copyright Act amendments and Supreme Court decisions in several copyright cases have ...
  • Williams, Robert J; Hann, Robert; Schopflocher, Donald; West, Beverly; McLaughlin, Patricia; White, Nick; King, Kate; Flexhaug, Trevor (Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre, 2015)
    The Quinte Longitudinal Study (QLS) is a prospective study of gambling and problem gambling conducted in the Quinte region of Ontario, Canada from 2006 to 2011. A sample of 4,121 adults, 17 and older, was recruited via ...
  • MacLachan, Ian (University of LethbridgeArts and ScienceDepartment of GeographyUniversity of Lethbridge, 2014)
    Examines the local livestock industry and the effects of current global meat consumption trends on Canada’s economy