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Our institutional repository contains a collection of research, data and publications completed by the academic community. University of Lethbridge users can email a list of their publications (or CV containing the list) or any item(s) they would like added to

Please check if your publisher allows self-archiving at SHERPA/RoMEo's publisher copyright policies. If unavailable, use the SPARC Canadian Author Addendum to secure these rights to your future articles accepted for publication.

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  • Mather, Jennifer (M D P I A GArts and ScienceDepartment of PsychologyUniversity of Lethbridge, 2013)
    Our definition of the word 'animal' centers on vertebrates, yet 99% of the animals on the planet are invertebrates, about which we know little. In addition, although the Census of Marine Life ( has recently ...
  • MacArthur, David Gregory; University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Fine Arts. (Lethbridge, Alta : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of Theatre and Dramatic ArtsFine ArtsDepartment of Theatre and Dramatic Arts, 2016)
    This paper is in support of my MFA thesis Mars ain’t the kinda place to raise your kids, a performance installation that explores the intersection of installation art and postdramatic theatre practice. Taking place in a ...
  • Low, Jacqueline; Malacrida, Claudia (M D P I A GArts and ScienceDepartment of SociologyUniversity of New BrunswickUniversity of Lethbridge, 2013)
    [No abstract available]
  • Springer, Johanna; Ludwig, Ralf; Kienzle, Stefan W. (M D P I A GArts and ScienceDepartment of GeographyLudwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen (LMU)University of LethbridgeUniversity of South Africa, 2015)
    This study investigates the hydrology of Castle River in the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains. Temperature and precipitation data are analyzed regarding a climate trend between 1960 and 2010 and a general warming is ...
  • Olson, David M.; Severson, Emily M.; Verstraeten, Barbara S. E.; Ng, Jane W. Y.; McCreary, J. Keiko; Metz, Gerlinde A. S. (M D P I A GArts and ScienceDepartment of NeuroscienceUniversity of AlbertaUniversity of Lethbridge, 2015)
    Preterm birth is a universal health problem that is one of the largest unmet medical needs contributing to the global burden of disease. Adding to its complexity is that there are no means to predict who is at risk when ...