Integrated Management Experience (IME)

The Integrated Management Experience (IME) is a program that combines academics with a community assignment where you'll solve real business problems for a real non-profit in our community.

This incredible opportunity allows you to build practical, analytical and personal skills that will carry you through your career, develop a more complete understanding of business processes while solving business problems, and form long-lasting relationships with your peers and your community.

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How it works

Academic component

The academic part of IME consists of two (six-credit) courses including MGT 3091 (the equivalent of taking Management 3050 and 3920) and MGT 3092 (the equivalent of Management 3031 and 3650). If you plan to participate in IME please do not enroll in MGT 3031, 3050, 3650 or 3920 as this subject material will be covered through IME. If you have already completed one of these courses, please see an academic advisor about the possibility of receiving alternate credit.

Community project

While completing the academic component, you'll also be working with your peers to complete the community project portion. You'll form a group at the beginning of the spring semester and decide on what kind of business problem you'll be solving, then pitch that idea to your peers. After all the presentations have been made, your classmates vote on whose plan will be implemented and the winning team become project managers, responsible for assigning various organizational tasks to the rest of the class. Proceeds from the community project go to a designated non-profit organization.

What you'll get out of it

IME allows you to apply your theoretical knowledge as you study. From initial theoretical analysis to execution, the IME program lends a higher degree of immediacy to your studies.

You'll also develop a complete understanding of business processes and solve business problems through experiential learning opportunities in the community, making you more employable. Many IME students take advantage of their experience in the program to obtain and succeed in co-op placements.

What the program teaches, perhaps most importantly, is that you have the ability to effect change in the world. You will derive a tremendous sense of accomplishment from the IME program, and so you should; since the program began in 2000, students have raised over $200,000 towards community development.

*Please note the IME program is offered only on the Lethbridge campus.

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