COVID-19 resources | Our faculty and staff are committed to providing you an exceptional learning experience this September.

How to access campus

Students without internet access

Anderson Hall will remain open Monday to Friday from noon to 4:30 p.m. for campus community members (who are unable to work remotely) to access wi-fi, make use of computer labs, to borrow laptops and use the Library. These hours are in effect until Wednesday, Aug. 26. The space is monitored to ensure physical distancing and study spaces are cleaned between users.


Faculty and staff

Anyone who is working on campus is required to sign in to the Working on Campus Registry.

If you will be working alone, you must also complete the Working Alone Registry.

A Worksite Hazard Assessment must be reviewed and signed acknowledging hazards and associated controls outlined in the document are understood.

Recognizing that it may not be possible to obtain signatures in all circumstances, an email from the employee to the supervisor confirming that they reviewed and understand the document is acceptable. The Supervisor must keep records of those acknowledgments. If you have not already received training, contact your supervisor to arrange with Safety Services.

Campus Access Safety Training

Application process for expanded access for teaching and research

As Alberta moves ahead with its relaunch strategy, the University of Lethbridge is easing restrictions for access to its Lethbridge campus over the summer. We ask that faculty, staff and students who can work from home continue to do so in order to meet the government request that limit in-person attendance on campus.

We understand that, for some, the need for campus access is becoming increasingly critical. Faculty members can now apply for access to the Lethbridge campus to facilitate their research activities, if their work can be accomplished in line with provincial guidelines for post-secondary institutions.

Faculty members and instructors can also apply for Lethbridge campus access for teaching preparation that requires on-campus equipment, spaces or materials not available at home.

Apply for access


Staff required to work on campus for operational continuity (approved by Deans/Executive Directors)

If your work has been identified as requiring on campus work/access (sporadically, or regular shifts) for operational continuity, your supervisor/manager has been asked to identify you and the location of access. If your name has been identified, your access should not be interrupted in this shift. No action is required on your part.


Personnel required for critical ongoing research continuity

Allowances may be made for continuing critical in-progress research, scholarship and creative activities to continue on site. Most who are impacted have already been working with the Critical Continuity Research Committee in preparation for this shift. For selected research activities to proceed on campus, they must be registered and approved by the University.

Critical Research Application Procedure


Building access

Keys will be available for Pick up at TH101 between 9am-3pm M-F. Photo ID will be required for pickup.

Access to each building will be through a single access point:

  • Lower Campus - University Hall/UCA/LINC - B4 Entry by overhead door
  • Upper Campus - CSW/Turcotte Hall/Student’s Union - Winter Hall (North side of CSW -Kines Lab entrance)
  • Science Commons – Main Entrance
  • Markin Hall – East Door next to sliding door
  • Anderson Hall – Centre and NW Doors
  • AWESB – Main Door

Building access map


One-time access

The University is committed to restricted access to do our part to respond to COVID-19. Notwithstanding this directive, in extraordinary cases, allowances may be made for ONE-TIME ACCESS onto campus.

One-time access request