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Wellness Workshops

What is a Wellness Workshop?

Wellness Workshops provide opportunities for students to develop more effective strategies to maintain positive mental health. You can self-register in any of the workshops, where you will gain strategies and create plans to make positive changes in your behaviours and overall wellness. Register today!


Wellness Workshops | Spring 2020 

Counselling & Career Services offers a variety of workshops to help students with specific tools and strategies to thrive.

Managing Anxiety and/or Depression Workshop Series|Tuesday’s 1:40 – 2:30pm|

Starts January 14thongoing intake

Students experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety and/or depression will appreciate this psychoeducational group.

To register: contact the Counselling & Career Services office @ 403 317 2845


Exam Anxiety Workshop Series|Wednesday’s 2:30 – 4:00pm|Starts January 29th|AH177

Students with be provided with tools and strategies to manage exam anxiety. Sessions include an introduction to exam anxiety, grounding exercises, normalizing anxiety, and strategic studying techniques. 

To register: e-mail


Attention & Skill Development Workshop Series|Tuesday’s 3:00 – 4:30pm|Starts January 14th

Intended for students with a diagnosis of ADHD. Students will be provided with specific tools to work with their ADHD, not against it.

To register: We are using Moodle to make the resources and information as accessible as possible. This course will be in a separate category from your term courses (Spring & Fall) as it will be in the “Long Term Courses” Section. Moodle will allow you to self-enroll in this Workshop by using the following link:

You will be prompted to sign-in, and then use the following password to enroll in the workshop: CCS&ALC


Radical Self-Care Workshop Series|Tuesday’s from 9:25 – 10:40am| Starts January 21st, ongoing intake

For students interested in cultivating an intentional approach to self-care through expressive art and active reflection (i.e. vision boarding, journaling, meditation, & crafting). The workshops will focus on topics, such as: Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Gratitude, Self-Trust, and Boundaries. Drop in for one or come for all workshops!

To register: contact the Counselling & Career Services office @ 403 317 2845


Questions about a workshop? Please call, e-mail or drop by the office!

Exam Anxiety Workshop Series

by ULethbridge Counselling & Accomodated Learning

Managing Anxiety & Depression Workshop Series

by ULethbridge Counselling & Career

Attention & Skill Development Workshop Series

by ULethbridge Counselling & Accomodated Learning