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Group Counselling

What is Group Counselling?

Engaging in group counselling takes a lot of courage and provides you with the opportunity to discover much about yourself. Group counselling can be a powerful and valuable venue for change and growth. Before joining a group, you will meet a group facilitator one-on-one to discuss what to expect, group content, and whether or not the group is a right fit for you at this time. 

Group counselling is different than talking to a friend or family member. Our conversations have specific goals, and although your group counsellor(s) will be supportive, they also will challenge you. Sometimes you might feel annoyed, tired, or upset following a session. This can happen as you are processing new ways of thinking or because you've spoken about something that's been upsetting to you. As a result of group counselling, you may experience changes in your relationships, or beliefs that have unexpected results. Usually, these changes are very positive in the long-term, but it may be difficult to experience as they are occurring. 


Groups | Spring 2020
All groups are located in Counselling & Career Services unless otherwise stated.

Groups are currently in session, but if you're interested in taking part during the next intake, please contact our office to be added to a waitlist. 

AH 153 | 403 317 2845 |


Morning Mindfulness|Monday’s from 8:50am-9:50am |Starts January 13th, ongoing intake

Learn to integrate mindfulness practices into daily life. Focus on specific mindfulness, breath work & meditation practices to strengthen self-awareness, soften into self-compassion and create emotional balance.


Connecting with Self and Others|Wednesday’s 3:00-4:00pm & Thursday’s 5:00-6:00pm|Starts January 22nd & 29th

This group is for people interested in increasing social connection, practicing vulnerability, growing in self-awareness, and increasing confidence in social settings.


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Group|Thursday’s from 1:40-2:55pm|Starts January 23rd

Students will learn DBT skills in emotional regulation, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.


Tapping for Social Anxiety|Thursday’s from 9:25-10:40pm|Starts February 27th

Students will learn how to utilize the Emotional Freedom Technique to help manage their experience of social anxiety.  It has been demonstrated that EFT is an effective strategy for reducing symptoms of anxiety, through the stimulation of acupressure points in the body.  Students will gain benefits by practicing EFT together, and also identify opportunities to employ EFT in their daily lives. 


Career Exploration|Wednesday’s from 11-11:50am | Starts January 22nd

This activity-based group is for students who are uncertain or undecided in their major and/or career path and are looking for direction and insight.