Application for Graduation

Applications for Graduation are only accepted at the following times for specific ceremonies:

December Completer - applications are accepted only from August 2 to November 1 (Convocation in Spring)

Spring Convocation - applications are accepted only from November 2 to March 1 (Program requirements completed by April)

Fall Convocation - applications are accepted only from March 2 to August 1 (Program requirements completed by August)

To apply for graduation:

  • Log into the Bridge
  • Select "Student"
  • Select "Student Records"
  • Select "Apply to Graduate"
  • Select your last graded term of attendance
  • Select your curriculum
  • Select Graduation Date*
  • Confirm your full-legal name
  • Submit your request

You must apply to graduate via the Bridge during your final semester, while still enrolled in courses. There is no fee to apply, and an application is required even if you do not plan to attend your Convocation ceremony. 

*Please note: If you graduate in the Spring, your graduation date may not match the date of your Convocation ceremony. Please visit and review the order of conferral to find your Convocation ceremony date and time.

Outstanding Accounts

If your account is not paid in full, you will not be permitted to graduate and your transcript will be withheld. This includes tuition, library fines and housing charges (including telecom charges). Please contact the Cash Office for information about outstanding accounts:

  • Cash Office: 403-329-2469
Graduation Approval Status

The invitation you receive is NOT a confirmation of your eligibility to graduate. Approximately two weeks prior to each convocation ceremony, please check the Bridge in the Student section under the Student Records tab - select "View Application to Graduate" for your graduation status.