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Event Spaces: 

Through Conference & Event Services, external groups can gain access to a variety of spaces across campus. The following are the spaces that are most requested, however, we do also rent spaces not listed below. For more information on those types of spaces, please contact us to discuss your event.

UCA Atrium

Capacity: 500 People Seated 

Price: $900 / Day

Markin Atrium

Capacity: 180 People Seated 

Price: $775 / Day

Science Commons Atrium

Capacity: 392-416 People Seated with tables, 546 People Clasroom Style Seating

Price: $1500 / Day

Patio Rental: $1000 / Day

SA8002, BMO Auditorium

Capacity: 246 people seated

Price: $325 / Day


Capacity: 299 People Seated 

Price: $325 / Day

Andy's Place (AH100)

Capacity: 60 People Seated 

Price: $350 / Day

Penny Building PB200

Capacity: 60 People Seated 

Price: $325 / Day

Penny Building PB210

Capacity: 60 People Seated 

Price: $325 / Day


General Classroom Prices: 



Up to 50 people: 

$200 / Day 

50 to 100 people: 

$250 / Day

Over 100: 

$325 / Day 


*Maximum capacities change depending on set-up requirements.

Please submit an online request form or contact us at (403) 329-2244 or by email at for current pricing and availability.



Room Setup Options: 

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4