The University of Lethbridge Calgary Campus offers a variety of courses.

Calgary Course Offerings

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Important Note

Effective October 2018, Calgary Campus instructors may elect to have their course outline/syllabus posted onto the above SharePoint site but only by individual willing consent. Please be advised that course outlines are ultimately considered to be the intellectual property of the instructor to which their posting onto a public domain can only be authorized at the instructor’s personal discretion – what this means is that instructors are not obligated have their outlines posted online for public viewing at any point during the Academic Year, if they do not deem it as necessary. As an alternative, we request that you anticipate for all instructors to distribute their respective outlines by no sooner than the start of classes, usually accomplished via Moodle or University Email. You may reference the university’s Academic Schedule for upcoming semester start dates.

Any questions or concerns about course outlines (current or historic) must be relayed directly to the instructor for answering. Instructor emails can be found in your Bridge account > “Student” tab > Registration > Student Detail Schedule > Select semester of interest from “Select a Term” drop down box (must be currently/have been previously registered in appropriate semester) > Right click on envelope icons > Copy email address > Paste email address into blank email


Textbooks for Calgary Students

Formal booklists are not provided to students as their course registration for a given semester can technically change at any point during the registration period. Instead, students are to visit the university Bookstore's e-commerce site at to both view and eventually purchase their designated course textbooks. The website's interactive design will prompt students to manually enter the respective course codes and section letters pertaining to their individual registration which will eventually display the proper textbook(s) which have been approved for class use.

Textbooks will be normally made available for ordering as early as 2 weeks before the start of classes for a given semester.

Please review the Calgary Campus' "How To Order Textbooks" guide for further information.