The Writers Guild of Alberta

Writers for Writers

Who We Are

The Writers Guild of Alberta (WGA) was formed in 1980 to provide a meeting ground and collective voice for all the writers of the province. Our members write in every genre and at every level of expertise.

The WGA helps give Alberta writers a sense of unity and community, and is the largest provincial writers’ organization in Canada. Learn more about the Writers Guild of Alberta

What We Do

  • Publish a magazine (WestWord) six times a year as well as a weekly electronic newsletter (WriteClick)
  • Host a biannual writers conference Develop and offer monthly professional development sessions for members and the public
  • Organize retreats, including some with a writer-in-residence
  • Provide information and resources on writer-related concerns
  • Offer a manuscript reading service to provide professional comments on writers’ works
  • Recognize outstanding literary efforts through the Alberta Literary Awards, an annual competition of Alberta writers
  • Provide administrative assistance to other literary organizations, including the Edmonton Stroll of Poets, The City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Book Prize, the City of Edmonton Book Prize, and the Alberta Screenwriters Initiative
  • Provide organizational advice to other members of the literary community (such as librarians and publishers) Work with other provincial and national writers’ organizations
  • Represent the literary community to various levels of government

WGA Values and Guiding Beliefs

The WGA believes that:

  1. The literary arts are essential to the well-being of all individuals, communities and the economy of Alberta;
  2. Working in partnership with other organizations contributes to the quality of life in Alberta;
  3. Networking and collaboration are beneficial to innovation and the creative process;
  4. A free and safe environment is essential for writers to pursue their craft;
  5. Knowledge and ongoing development are fundamental to creative growth.