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Using feminist theory and research methodologies, women and gender studies examine the historical and contemporary conditions of our society.

Whether as activists, scholars or labourers, women have generated significant changes in society. Women and Gender Studies offer you the opportunity to learn how these changes were initiated and gives you the tools to actively participate in the creation of a more just society. As a student in this program, you will broaden your knowledge of women’s lives, bodies, experiences, labour and scholarship. You’ll also explore feminism as an influential political and social global movement that has generated significant change in all aspects of daily life for everyone. Our department draws on a vibrant community of scholars and activists both inside and outside the university to explore a wide range of issues.

Department Highlights

Dr. Glenda Bonifacio

Sep 24 '20 PUBlic Professor Series | Glenda Bonifacio

Join women and gender studies professor, Dr. Glenda Bonifacio, as she explores Communities and disasters: associative acts and total escape?

Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Communities respond to disasters, and perhaps disasters build communities. Disasters happen everywhere, and their meanings and perspectives vary. Could we then escape from disasters? What are the associative acts responsible for disasters? And, are these acts fully accounted for in our understanding of disasters? These questions persist to an "accidental' sociologist of disasters, even if I grew up in a country considered third-most vulnerable to natural hazards and coming from the most-at-risk region in the world. Using critical insights from research on migration and post-disaster communities, I open a dialogue of what it means to be a community at this time of possible 'extinction' and amidst a global crisis of humanism.

Join us for the first SAMWAK talk of Fall 2020 on October 17, 2020

Oct. 17: 10-11 a.m.

"Confessions of a (former? wanna be?) gender therapist"

Serena Visser, MSW, RCSW, Faculty of Social Work (PhD Candidate CSPT)

Join us for two SAMWAK talks on November 21, 2020

Nov. 21: 10-11:30 a.m.

“Militarization of morality: The policing of sex work”
Jess Tollestrup (General Social Sciences, WGST, INDG, SOCI)

“Scholars at risk: The case of Academics for Peace in Turkey”
Dr. Gulden Ozcan (Sociology, University of Lethbridge)

Farah Rajan

Don’t discredit the electives: liberal education opens doors to new career opportunities for recent graduate

Sometimes the area of study that you start at university is not the career you end up in. Thanks to the flexible liberal education environment at the University of Lethbridge, exposure to new classes and ideas led to an inspiring new career for recent graduate Farah Rajan (BASc ’20).

Starting as a psychology major, Rajan needed to fill an elective in her first semester, so she took a women and gender studies class. And then another. And then another. This month, Rajan was proud to graduate with a bachelor of arts and science majoring in women and gender studies and psychology, and start a career that she didn’t know existed a few years ago.

“I think everyone would really benefit from taking a women and gender studies class,” says Rajan. “It’s more than just talking about men and women. We talk about individuals who are non-binary, who are transgender, and their experiences in the world. We talk about qualities such as race, socioeconomic status, sexual and gender identity… there are so many intersecting ways in which an individual’s life can be impacted by societal inequality.”

Jaisie Walker

Look into non/monogamous relationships earns student Parkland Institute Graduate Research Award

Jaisie Walker, a University of Lethbridge graduate student in the Department of Women & Gender Studies, has been awarded the 2019 Parkland Institute Graduate Research Award for their project, Unsettling Lateral Violence: Queer Genealogies of Non/Monogamy in Southern Alberta.

Walker, born in England and raised in Scotland before moving to Canada following their high school years, has worked on the frontlines of anti-violence programming and seen how the queer and non/monogamous communities are underserved by current policies on interpersonal violence.


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