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Meet our Faculty & Staff

Jason Laurendeau

Jason Laurendeau

Chair & Associate Professor
Office: B852 (University Hall) 
(403) 329-2717


Jenny Oseen

Administrative Support
Office: A874 (University Hall) 
(403) 329-2598

Reginald Bibby

Board of Governors Research Chair
Office: B850 (University Hall) 
(403) 329-2558


Athena Elafros

Assistant Professor
Office: A890 (University Hall) 
(403) 329-5147

Kara Granzow

Assistant Professor
Office: A886 (University Hall) 
(403) 329-2403

Trevor Harrison

Office: A876 (University Hall) 
(403) 329-2552

Kimberly Mair

Assistant Professor
Office: A878 (University Hall) 
(403) 332-5284

Claudia Malacrida

Office: B632 (University Hall) 
(403) 329-2738

Muriel Mellow

Associate Professor
Office: A450 (University Hall) 
(403) 329-2168

Gülden Özcan

Assistant Professor
Office: A884 (University Hall) 
(403) 332-4554

Tom Perks

Associate Professor
Office: A880 (University Hall) 
(403) 329-2450

William Ramp

Associate Professor
Office: A882 (University Hall) 
(403) 329-2347