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Sociology is the study of society, including the interaction between individuals, groups, and institutions.

The application of sociological thinking can lead to a better understanding of social problems and issues and suggestions about how these issues may be overcome in real-world terms.

By studying Sociology, you will gain insight into how people interact with one another and how values and beliefs both shape and are shaped by the structures and processes around us. The primary goal of the discipline is to stimulate sociological thinking—applying imagination and critical analysis to the many facets of social life.

Department Highlights

SOCI 3850: Applied Sociology: Academic Freedoms Advocacy Seminar

Credit Hours: 3.00
Sociology of human rights, academic freedoms, theories of social change, and critical criminology. Development of human rights research and advocacy skills through direct engagement with cases of at-risk scholars from around the world currently facing unjust restrictions, prosecution, or imprisonment, in cooperation with Scholars at Risk (SAR) Network’s Academic Freedom Monitoring Project and Scholars in Prison Project.
Attributes: Social Science

SOCI 2500: Deviance, Conformity and Social Control

Credit Hours: 3.00
Normative processes by which deviance is constructed with a particular focus on power as both implicated in, and the outcome of, these processes.
Prerequisite(s): One of Sociology 1000 or a previous course (3.0 credit hours) in Sociology
Attributes: Social Science

Anti Racist Film Series

The University of Lethbridge



Zoom Film Screening

U of L Faculty, Students and Staff are invited to join us for a discussion about the role of violence in social change

Host: Dr. Caroline Hodes
Introduction with Special Guest: Dr. Christopher Churchill
Followed by a discussion led by:
Amy Doucette, Kathryn DeLucia, Michelle Fox, Virginia Brickley

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