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We offer a wide assortment of courses that cover many of the world’s major religious traditions.

Since religion has played such a significant role in human history, and is still vitally important to so many in today’s world, the scholarly study of religion is naturally an invaluable component in any liberal education. Our faculty members have diverse interests and methodological approaches. Some focus on history and the study of ancient scriptures, while others examine contemporary religious practices. They are renowned nationally and internationally in their fields of expertise, and have written books and articles published by some of the best academic presses and scholarly journals. Their research areas include such fascinating topics as contemporary Christian creationism, martyrdom in the Christian tradition, medieval Islamic mystics, Buddhism in the West, and the Hindu Great Goddess, among many others.

Department Highlights

Hillary Rodrigues

PUBlic Professor Series: Dr. Hillary Rodrigues

COMBATTING DELUSION: Gleanings from the Hindu Great Goddess and Eastern Sages.

Missed the talk? Watch it here.

COMBATTING DELUSION: Gleanings from the Hindu Great Goddess and Eastern Sages

Your Name Film Screening

uLethbridge Film Series presents: Your Name

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we have postponed this event until further notice.  The health and well-being of our faculty, staff and students, the broader community and our presenting partners is of the utmost importance.

Film: Your Name
(Japan / Makoto Shinkai / 2016)

Hosted by Dr. John Harding
(Religious Studies)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020
6:30 – 9:00 PM
Lethbridge Public Library Theatre Gallery

Free admission

An animated drama in which threads of fate connect high school strangers – a girl from a rural Shinto shrine family and a Tokyo boy who both struggle to understand their link and to navigate waking intermittently in each other’s body.

Upcoming Book Release - March 2020

The Department of Religious Studies is pleased to announce the upcoming book release by Dr. John Harding in March 2020.

Buddhism in the Global Eye
John S. Harding et al
ISBN:  9781350140639

This book will focus on the importance of a global context and transnational connections for understanding Buddhist modernizing movements.


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