Position Responsibilities - Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science

The Dean is responsible for providing strategic and administrative leadership to the Faculty of Arts and Science. The Dean leads the development of programs and community partnerships, including opportunities for Indigenous students. As a member of the University senior leadership team and reporting to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), the Dean works in collaboration with the other academic leaders, senior administrators and staff, and other key stakeholders to implement and advance the University’s Academic and Research Plans, as well as other University initiatives and priorities. 


  • Lead the development and implementation of the Faculty’s Strategic Plan, in alignment with the University’s plans and objectives
  • Initiate the development of new and responsive academic program directions at the undergraduate level that respond to the evolving needs of society
  • Lead and champion the growth, development, quality and continuation of programs at the graduate level
  • Promote the Faculty in the broader community; foster and grow existing and new strategic  alliances and interdisciplinary opportunities
  • Support the variety of disciplines and foster collaboration across the programs and units within the Faculty
  • Engage with and learn from Indigenous scholars, students, and community members, leading the Faculty towards more expansive and innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and scholarship
  • Build a vision that champions equity, diversity and inclusion as an integral component of all Faculty business and foster a supportive and respectful working environment
  • Evaluate and measure the quality of programming, curriculum, research and student services offered within the Faculty
  • Ensure that the appropriate technology, infrastructure, facilities and resources are in place to support faculty, staff and students in delivering academic programming
  • Advocate internally, provincially and nationally for Faculty and University funding; identify new, creative and sustainable funding sources and actively participate in fundraising activities
  • Set priorities for growth and expansion initiatives within the Faculty that build on existing capacity, systems, structures and strengths



  • Lead the development of and articulate the strategic vision and plan for the Faculty to the University and the wider community
  • Inspire, build, engage and support a positive environment for faculty, staff and students across campuses in which open and transparent communication is a hallmark
  • Lead the academic planning process for the Faculty, initiating discussions and defining priorities through collegial decision-making processes
  • Recognize, communicate and support the differences in programming that exist within the Faculty to foster an environment of collegiality, creativity and collaborative initiatives
  • Represent and interpret the interests of the broader University to the Faculty

Academic Programming, Research and Teaching

  • Identify, lead and promote the development of innovative teaching and research opportunities and collaborative networks for the Faculty that are grounded in excellence, integrity and creativity
  • Lead initiatives aimed at broadening and deepening the engagement of departments and faculty members with their programs and offerings, particularly with respect to Indigenous epistemologies and theoretical frameworks
  • Promote the use of educational technology and blended learning to enhance pedagogical methods that support a diversity of learners and expand the reach of the Faculty
  • Establish priorities and performance measures and metrics for Faculty programming
  • Respond to the significant demands on graduate programming and the resources required to support the growth with meaningful opportunities

Student Services, Experience & Recruitment

  • Support and participate in student engagement opportunities, including regular and transparent communication and enhanced opportunities for collaboration
  • Set direction and establish priorities for student recruitment to attract a high quality and diverse student body, in alignment with the University’s enrolment strategies and international recruitment objectives
  • Recognize and address the unique needs of students, including lifelong, non-traditional and international learners
  • Provide general oversight of strategic enrolment management with a student-centered approach
  • Facilitate discussion and strategy development in response to enrolment trends and the potential impact on the Faculty’s infrastructure and resources
  • Support initiatives to advance opportunities for international recruitment and partnerships

Management and Administration

  • Ensure the appropriate operational structure and systems are in place to support and streamline faculty performance evaluation
  • Oversee resource planning through a centralized budget system and make effective requests and decisions regarding resource allocations
  • Support the development and/or acquisition of appropriate technology and infrastructure to best meet the needs of staff, faculty, program delivery and students
  • Work effectively and demonstrate a good understanding of working with collective agreements

Faculty and Staff Relations

  • Facilitate open and transparent communication and collaboration with faculty and staff, to focus   on and model enhanced collaboration, Faculty integration and community building
  • Provide and support leadership and professional development of faculty members and staff, building a culture of collegiality and collaboration in a unionized environment
  • Plan and prioritize personnel needs, to ensure competitive and sustainable hiring plans for high-calibre faculty and staff that are supported by equity, diversity and inclusion practices

Internal and External Relations

  • Lead and promote fund development activities for the Faculty; identify new opportunities and/or sustainable sources for Faculty revenue
  • Represent the Faculty and University on various internal and external committees, councils and institutional and/or community initiatives
  • Establish and maintain contacts with government and community leaders
  • Develop and enhance relationships with relevant provincial, national and international organizations and granting agencies to promote the interests of the Faculty and the University