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Political Science is the systematic study of government, politics and political behaviour.

Political Science is the systematic study of government, politics and political behaviour, in a rapidly changing world. It studies how a society governs itself at all levels and various ideas about how it should be governed in the future. Government is a core component of power and policy structures - it authors how a society organizes itself for collective action. Political structures and governments are in constant flux and that makes this a very exciting major to choose. Politics is a central component of our culture and daily it grows more complicated due to globalization issues and world events.

Department Highlights


Instructor DAISY RAPHAEL will be delivering an online course - POLI 3750 OL:  "POLITICAL HUMOUR:  POWER AND RESISTANCE" during our SS II/III 2020 session.

SSII/III classes will begin on July 6th and classes end on August 17th, 2020.

The CRN # for this summer course is:  20519.  It has a registration limit of 40 students.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  As entertainment and information converge on The Daily Show, Full Frontal, and Saturday Night Live, and as satirical news stories from The Beaverton and Walking Eagle circulate on social media, political communications scholars ask:  can citizens be entertained and informed at the same time?  Is news satire "fake news" or a real source of information about politics?  Does political humour speak truth to power or reproduce existing power structures?  Can laughter be a form of political resistance?  This 3000-level online course invites students to consider these questions in the Canadian and American political contexts.  Political humour, broadly conceived includes:  fiction, political cartoons, sketch comedy, stand-up, satirical news, and memes.  We will consider the ways these media shape politicians' images and influence election debates, and we will use concepts like gender, race, and nation to consider how social movements use humour as a form of resistance.  Conceiving of "politics" broadly as struggles for power, this course is of interest to students in Political Scieince, Women and Gender Studies, Indigenous Studies, Sociology, and English.



"Currently I am a video game developer – I’m a Development Director at Electronic Arts on the FIFA franchise and prior to that I was an Environment Art Producer at Capcom on Dead Rising and Producer at The Coalition (Microsoft) on Gears of War.  Despite my professional success in the civilian world, to this day one of my proudest life achievements was my service in the military during 2009-2010 in Afghanistan where I served along side not one but two fellow ULeth grads.

Graduated in 2006.

A political science degree is an extremely versatile area of study depending on how you apply it after you graduate.  My career has taken me from the eastern border regions of Afghanistan to the high tech environment of game development and I would not have been able to achieve any of that if I didn’t have an appreciation for the bigger picture and the ability to understand the more philosophical questions that were being asked of me that I learned during my degree.  You’d be surprised how universal the human condition is with regards to politics.

Please send Dr von Heyking my warmest regards, truly some of the most enlightening classes I had at Lethbridge were courtesy of him."




Members from the Department of Political Science recognized the achievements of their graduands at a graduation ceremony held on June 4th.  Family & friends were invited.  There were greetings from dignitaries from the community and university, a valedictory address, and special recognition of each of the Political Science graduands.  It was a very successful event!



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