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Dalhousie University

In January 1995, Dalhousie University installed an IBM Scalable Power Parallel (SP2) computer. The main purpose of this system is to provide a High Performance Parallel Computing Environment for researchers at the university, however external usage is allowed in accordance to a fee schedule.

The facility consists of:

  • 4 - Power-2 Wide Nodes (66Mhz/266MFLOP per node)
  • 512 MB aggregate memory (128MB per node)
  • 25.5 GB aggregate disk storage


Operating SystemAIX 4.2.1
CompilersAIX XL Fortran 3.2, High Performance Fortran 1.2, C Set ++ for AIX 3.1 (C/C++)
OtherPSPP 2.3 (Parallel System Support Programs), LoadLeveler 1.3, IBM POE 2.3 (Parallel Operating Environment), AIX Windows

Fee Schedule

A one time allocation of 15 hours (free) may be given to a user who wishes to demo the system prior to making a financial commitment to the resource. A charge of $0.50 per CPU hour is levied.


To obtain an account on the system, contact:
Aidan Evans
Tel: (902)494-3332

Technical Support

To obtain technical support, contact: Intab Ali
Tel: (902)494-3471


Aidan Evans
Tel: (902)494-3332

Local Documentation is also available.