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Philosophers study the deep intellectual problems that underlie or unify other disciplines in the sciences and humanities.

Philosophy investigates fundamental questions about the nature of things—about the universe as a whole, about human beings, society, science, ethics and art. As a philosophy student, you will learn about the basic intellectual foundation for our political, social and legal systems, as well as our understanding of the principles of modern science and technology. You will explore deep theoretical, practical and moral issues that do not easily fit into more specialized disciplines. Philosophy will challenge you with its reflective and critical approach to important, often puzzling, questions about the nature of right and wrong, time and space perception, and the human mind.

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The Department of Philosophy is internationally recognized for the quality of research conducted by its faculty members.

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World Logic Day - January 14, 2020

It is that time of year again: World Logic Day! January 14th was chosen in honour of Alfred Tarski’s birth and Kurt Geodel’s death, but the goals of world logic day are not to simply remember those two logicians; we celebrate world logic day to help spread interest in logic and the work of logicians in their own locales–in the geographic rather than category-theoretic sense of that word. Ha!
Please join us on January 14th from 4-6pm in Anderson Hall 118.
There will be four talks:
  • Validity isn’t formal by Gillman Payette (Philosophy)
  • Incompleteness and the limitations of rules by Jonathan Seldin (Mathematics)
  • The square root of truth by Kent Peacock (Philosophy)
  • Sound vs. demonstrative arguments by Victor Rodych (Philosophy)
Priestley Lecture Series

Call for Papers - Undergraduate Student Conference - Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy hosts an undergraduate student conference that highlights high-quality student papers.  Papers on any philosophical subject may be submitted and submissions can be work originally written for other purposes (such as coursework).  Individuals from groups typically underrepresented in philosophy are particularly encouraged to apply.  Papers will be blind-refereed with notices of acceptance sent out by early-February.  Submissions should be suitable for a twenty-minute presentation, with a word count of approximately 2500 - 3000 words.

Our next conference will take place on Friday, February 28, 2020 and the submission deadline is Friday, January 17, 2020.

Submissions and questions can be forwarded to:  Karl Laderoute (

Note:  submissions should be readied for blind review, with all identifying information (such as name and student number) removed.


Philosophy Reading Weekend

The Philosophy Reading Weekend is a new tradition in the Department of Philosophy. Every year, in the spring/early summer, we rent a house in the area. Faculty members and about ten students spend the weekend reading and discussing a philosophical work, cooking together, eating (a lot, if experience is any indication) and having fun. The philosophy reading weekend has been a big success in the first two years of its existence. Look out for the advertisements in your classes and in the Department News!

Philosophy Help Centre

If you need help with philosophy, visit the philosophy help centre! The Centre will open for business on Thursday, September 19th and will run each Thursday from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. (ending on December 5th).  It is possible that we will extend operation to December 12th dependent on the tutors' schedules.

Location: B-883 (University Hall)


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Whether you’re looking for a more in-depth learning experience by assisting with research projects on campus or by testing your knowledge in a real-life work setting, we can help! The programs available in the Career Bridge office will provide you with a solid foundation for further studies and an excellent framework for a challenging and rewarding career — whatever direction you decide to go. Explore career options, participate in research and develop skills that complement your degree.

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