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Summer 2020 Online Course information will be released soon.

Avoid the commute and study from the convenience of your home! This is a great option for students participating in a co-op work term, working and/or in addition to their vacation plans.

The following courses were offered in summer 2019 and may be offered again in summer 2020. Details will be confirmed shortly.

Geography 2000 - World Regional Geography (Social Science) | Summer Session II/III (July 8 - August 19)

The course is organized around major world regions. It introduces students to the process of global integration and provides insights into the functional relations that characterize this integration. Environmental concerns, global population and resources, the emergence of trading blocs and growing dependency are covered within the framework of the regional organization.


Indigenous Studies 1000 - Introduction to Native American Studies (Fine Arts & Humanities LER) | Summer Session I (May 6 - June 17)

Native culture and heritage from traditional through contemporary times. A general survey of disciplinary areas such as art, politics, language and history.


Philosophy 2210 - Philosophy of Religion (Fine Arts & Humanities LER) | Summer Session I/II/III (May 6 - August 19)

We make use of analytical resources found in present-day cosmology, formal semantics, decision theory and other branches of natural science. Issues to be examined usually include God’s nature, the problem of evil, the rationality and prudence of religious belief and the alleged conflict between religion and science.


Sociology 2500 - Deviance, Conformity and Social Control (Social Science) | Summer Session I (May 6 - June 17)

Normative processes by which deviance is constructed with a particular focus on power as both implicated in, and the outcome of, these processes.

Prerequisite(s): One of Sociology 1000 or a previous course (3.0 credit hours) in Sociology


Spanish 1000 - Beginners’ Spanish I (Fine Arts & Humanities LER) | Summer Session I/II/III (May 6 - August 7)

Fundamentals of spoken and written Spanish.

Note: For students with little or no knowledge of Spanish. Students must complete the Student Information Form and the placement test, if required. Results will determine placement in the appropriate course. Credit for Spanish 1000 will not normally be granted to students with Spanish 30-3Y, 20-6Y, 30-6Y, 10-9Y, 20-9Y, 30-9Y, or equivalent. Students may be able to take this course for credit with permission of the Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics if high school Spanish courses were completed more than five years ago.


Women and Gender Studies 1000 - Knowing Bodies: An Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (Social Science) | Summer Session II/III (July 8 - August 19)

A critical feminist examination of women’s embodied lives in differing social locations. The course challenges the traditional dichotomies of mind/body, culture/nature, and public/private in the treatment of such topics as the feminization of poverty; sexualities, reproduction, and family life; violence against women; women and religion; and culture and body image.

Equivalent: Women’s Studies 1000 (prior to 2012/2013)