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Myles Shirakawa | Modern Languages (Co-op)

Myles Shirakawa


“Good intentions are just that: good intentions. You should really try to stay on top of everything and develop a system that works for you. I can attest that having good intentions to get those readings done today can turn into them being put off and soon a week has passed. Especially try to get involved in student club life. I can truly say that I have met and made quite an amazing group of friends from the people that I have met there. Apply for Co-op! It may take some patience and hard work, but the opportunities that you do find will definitely pay off in the end.”

Favourite Class: Anything language-related
Favourite Social Activity: Sitting around, drinking tea and having a good chat
Favourite Study Spot: Outside the Starbucks or in the Modlang student room (B-586)

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Participating in student club life to various extents
  • Travelled abroad to study a different culture and language up close through a study tour program
  • Opportunity to work with professors on fascinating research
  • Explored and learned through independent study
  • Meeting students from different countries through courses and volunteering; learning more about them & their cultures