Gabe Olsen

Smaller is better

"I have had a fantastic experience so far in the Department of Modern Languages. Every one of the faculty members that I have worked with has had inexhaustible patience for all my questions and concerns (of which I have had several!). With the help of a few professors I was able to design my own major called “Spanish and Linguistics”, so that I could take more of the classes that would prepare me for grad school in linguistics. Due to the small size of the department, there is a great opportunity for personal attention and work experience at the undergraduate level. For example, I have been able to take several independent studies as well as work as a research assistant on real linguistic projects, opportunities that would normally only be offered to grad students in a larger school.

"Lastly, this summer I traveled to Ecuador for six weeks to study Spanish, which was an experience of a lifetime! I would highly recommend studying linguistics and languages at the University of Lethbridge to anyone looking for a rewarding school experience."

Gabriel Olsen