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French VSP Step-by-Step

What do you need to do?

Before you go

  1. Read carefully the information on the French Visiting Student Program page.
  2. Choose a university in the list of Francophone universities available online. Check the calendar for courses designed for non francophones at the universities you are interested in. Contact the universities to check relevant information (available courses, deadlines, etc).
  3. Contact the French off-Campus Coordinator, Dr Melanie Collado, with the information you have gathered and select the courses with the help of the Coordinator.
  4. Fill in and hand in to the Coordinator the French Visiting Student Application Form with a transcript. Deadline for the Fall Session is May 1st; deadline for the Spring Session is October 1st.
  5. Optional: apply for a scholarship.
  6. Pick up the signed French Visiting Student Program Application Form from UH B592 and take it to Arts and Sciences Advising. They will sign it, and send it back to the Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics. You will then receive an email letting you know that it is ready for pick up.
  7. Pick up the French Visiting Student Program Application Form and an Add/drop form from UH B592.
  8. Register and pay tuition for French 2250 at the University of Lethbridge Registrar's office (you cannot register online).
  9. Send the application form to the host university and apply for scholarships.
  10. Make travel arrangements (housing, visa, etc.).

During the semester in the host university

  1. Send the required written compositions and keep all the material for the courses you are taking (e.g. course descriptions, notes, exams).
  2. Have the host university send an official transcript to the University of Lethbridge Admissions office AND to the off-campus coordinator. The FVSP Coordinator will not give a passing grade for 2250 until the signed report forms or a copy of the transcript have been received.

When you return to Lethbridge

  1. Apply to the University of Lethbridge Admissions Office for transfer credit. Students must make available to the Admissions Office all relevant documents pertaining to the courses taken off campus (course descriptions from the calendar, course outlines, class notes, texts, workbooks, class handouts, tests, exams, graded assignments, etc.). Please check the information on the presentation of the transfer credit material. The FVSP Coordinator cannot guarantee that you will receive credits for the courses you take in the host university.