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Department of Mathematics & Computer Science


Welcome to the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Our computer science, mathematics and statistics faculty and instructors are top of the line, with credentials to rival other universities in and outside of Canada.

 We offer Bachelor of Science undergraduate degrees in Applied Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Both Master's and Doctoral levels of study are also available. Department faculty are currently working with students studying at each of these levels, many of whom are graduate students from all over the world.

Undergraduate students may have opportunities to do research projects with our faculty, using modern facilities, for hands-on experience. Several department faculty have independent research programmes supported by agencies such as NSERC and IBM Canada, and at times, there may be collaboration with other disciplines.

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During this unique time in the world, the University of Lethbridge is unable to have you on campus for awhile, so please take the time to "meet" our faculty and instructors this way.  We think you'll see the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a wide range of topics in each of our disciplines, and we're confident you will find something to appeal to your intellectual interests.

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6th Annual Undergraduate Research in Science Conference of Alberta (URSCA)

The University of Lethbridge is proud to have the opportunity to showcase the outstanding original research produced by Alberta’s undergraduate students at URSCA 2020. During this unprecedented time, we remain committed to highlighting undergraduate research in science, and although we can't gather in person, there is nothing stopping us from moving this conference to an online format.

The Undergraduate Research in Science Conference of Alberta (URSCA) is a celebration of Alberta's discovery and innovation at the earliest stage of postsecondary education. Gone are the days when most researchers began their original research at the graduate level. Increasingly, student-focused, research-intensive institutions are not only encouraging hands-on research in the laboratory and in the field at the undergraduate level.

Dr. Howard Cheng, fourth-year students, Roddy MacCrimmon (computer science), Josip Smolcic (mathematics) and Joshua Swidinsky (computer science)

Ulethbridge students participate in 2020 ICPC North America Championship, the first competition of its kind in North America.

“Usually, this kind of event is reserved for the world finals or some larger European regions, but I think due to the fact that ICPC is gaining more traction in America these days people decided to arrange a larger event for the teams here and I'm of course really glad they did so I could participate,” said Smolcic. “The experience was unique and exciting, and I'm very grateful to the organizers!” remarked Smolcic, when asked about his experience at the championship. “It was really cool to meet students from the other schools in Alberta, specifically U of Calgary and U of Alberta's team.”

The 2020 ICPC North America Championship took place on February 22, 2020, with the University of Lethbridge competing as one of 59 teams from the United States and Canada.


The department is a member of PIMS, the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), created in 1996 by the community of mathematical scientists in Alberta and British Columbia.  It has subsequently extended to other areas.
The PIMS mandate is to promote research in the mathematical sciences; to facilitate the training of highly-qualified personnel; to enrich public awareness of and education in the mathematical sciences; and to create mathematical partnerships with similar organizations in other countries (with a particular focus on the Pacific Rim). PIMS funding includes Collaborative Research Groups, Post-Doctoral Fellowships, and individual events on a competitive basis.


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