NMR Service

Our 3 Bruker NMR Spectrometers

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Services

The University of Lethbridge offers NMR services for hire where industrial and/or academic partners can simply pay a fee per sample/hour and benefit from NMR sample analysis without the need to purchase

a NMR spectrometer. We offer sample analysis using any of our NMR instruments:

Bruker II 300 MHz NMR

Bruker III 500 HD MHz NMR

Bruker III 700 HD MHz NMR

Computer Cluster for NMR Data Analysis



Bruker NMR Spectrometers

How To Hire NMR Services

Our NMR services are available to anyone both inside and outside the University. To hire time on the NMR spectrometer, contact the facility manager to discuss your needs.