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Summer Session III 2020 (August 5 - 17, 2020)

The History of Stuff
Instructor:  Christopher Churchill
Days:  MTWRF
Time:  10:20 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Prerequisites:  HIST1000 or HIST1200

Course Description:  Have you ever wondered where all the stuff around you came from?  In this class we will learn about the history of everyday commodities around us and how they transformed human civilization: how silver revolutionized global trade, how coffee helped create the public sphere, how rubber led to mass murder and how cocaine figures in transnational organized crime.  We will also study the history of chocolate, petroleum, art and more.  This course is a history of the "stuff" around us, taught in an interdisciplinary manner, and proceeding from pre-modern times to the present.