Department of Geography Speaker Series

On the fourth Friday of each month from September to April, the Department of Geography hosts a series of guests, faculty members, and graduate students/post-docs who speak on current topics and issues in (or related to) human and physical geography. Last years topics included:

  • Dr. Ivan Townshend (University of Lethbridge): Changing segregation dynamics of two vulnerable populations in the "Divided City"
  • Dr. Melanee Thomas (University of Calgary): Natural disasters and district power: How political scientists think about electoral effects of place
  • Dr. Scott Lamoureux (Queen's University): Hydrological and limnological impacts of changing permafrost in the High Arctic
  • Alberta Wilderness Association: Wilderness Roadshow - Alberta's Public Lands and Wild Spaces
  • Dr. Michael Byers (University of British Columbia): Elon Musk, President of Mars?
  • Department of Geography Graduate student presentation of thesis proposals
  • Dr. Katharina Koch (University of Calgary):  The Geopolitical Production of Trust Discourses at the Finnish-Russian Border

Alex Johnston Lecture Series

Also co-sponsored/organized by the Departments of History and Geography is the annual Alex Johnston Lecture Series, click the link for more information.