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ARKY 1000AIntroduction to ArchaeologyShawn Bubel
ARKY 3720AArchaeological Materials AnalysisShawn Bubel
ARKY 3720L1ARKY 3720 Lab 1Shawn Bubel
GEOG 1000AIntroduction to Physical GeographyRene Barendregt
GEOG 2090ABiogeographyPhilip Bonnaventure
GEOG 2300AWeather and ClimateLaura Chasmer
GEOG 2600ACanadaTom Johnston
GEOG 2700AGeographical Data and AnalysisIvan Townshend
GEOG 2700L1GEOG 2700 Lab 1Ariel Pollard-Belsheim
GEOG 2700L2GEOG 2700 Lab 2Ariel Pollard-Belsheim
GEOG 2735AIntroduction to Geographical Information ScienceMarcus Dostie
GEOG 2735L1GEOG 2735 Lab 1Ariel Pollard-Belsheim
GEOG 2735L2GEOG 2735 Lab 2Ariel Pollard-Belsheim
GEOG 2735L3GEOG 2735 Lab 3Ariel Pollard-Belsheim
GEOG 3060AGlaciology and Glacial GeomorphologyHester Jiskoot
GEOG 3060L1GEOG 3060 Lab 1Hester Jiskoot
GEOG 3070AHazards, Disasters and Global ChangeJames Byrne
GEOG 3075AEnvironmental Resources ManagementLaura Chasmer
GEOG 3300AMicroclimatologyPhilip Bonnaventure
GEOG 3740AGeographical Information SystemsStefan Kienzle
GEOG 3740L1GEOG 3740 Lab 1Marcus Dostie
GEOG 3740L2GEOG 3740 Lab 2Marcus Dostie
GEOG 3740L3GEOG 3740 Lab 3Marcus Dostie
GEOG 4030NChallenges in Watershed ScienceJames Byrne
GEOG 4060AAgricultural Soil ManagementThomas Jensen
GEOG 4060L1GEOG 4060 Lab 1Thomas Jensen
GEOG 4240ACanadian Cities in TransitionIvan Townshend
GEOG 4400AHydrology IIChristopher Hopkinson
GEOG 4500NCommunity Preparedness Planning for WildfireSpencer Croil
GEOG 4725NAdvanced Remote SensingDerek Peddle
GEOG 4753NSeminar in Remote SensingDerek Peddle
GEOG 5025AGraduate Research MethodsTom Johnston
GEOG 5060AAgricultural Soil ManagementThomas Jensen
GEOG 5060L1GEOG 5060 Lab 1Thomas Jensen
GEOG 5240ACanadian Cities in TransitionIvan Townshend
GEOG 5400AHydrology IIChristopher Hopkinson
GEOG 5725NAdvanced Remote SensingDerek Peddle
GEOG 7025AGraduate Research MethodsTom Johnston
GEOG 7060ANo TitleThomas Jensen
GEOG 7060L1GEOG 7060 Lab 1Thomas Jensen
GEOG 7240ACanadian Cities in TransitionIvan Townshend
GEOG 7300AMicroclimatologyPhilip Bonnaventure
GEOL 2060APhysical GeologyRene Barendregt
GEOL 2060L1GEOL 2060 Lab 1Ariel Pollard-Belsheim