The Department of Geography

The Department of Geography participates in the delivery of a number of majors including agricultural studies (BA/BSc), archaeology (BA/BSc), computer science & geographical information science (BSc), environmental science (BSc), geography (BA/BSc/BASc), remote sensing (BSc) and urban & regional studies (BA), as well as the concentration in geographical information science (GIS). The department is particularly strong in the areas of geographical information science (GIS) and remote sensing, water research and rural & urban studies —
areas of spectacular growth in research, teaching and employment for our graduates.

We are a leader in the field of geospatial technologies. The rapid developments in the fields of geographical information science (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) have transformed the science of geography.  These complementary areas of study have become one of the most spectacular growth areas in research, teaching, and employment for graduates from our Department. Our programs offer students the opportunity to have concentrations (additional courses in a specialized area) in GIS and our university offers the only undergraduate degree in remote sensing (a combined degree with the department of Physics & Astronomy).

    We host a GIS/remote sensing lab for teaching and student projects, as well as dedicated research and graduate student areas - all containing high-end computers. In addition, the Department has licenses for a wide range of industry standard geospatial software, including a site license for ArcGIS, MapInfo, Vertical Mapper, and image analysis Software (ENVI and PCI).

    The Department of Geography has a very active presence on campus through its student club. They are a vibrant club that organizes various field trips and related geographical activities on campus.