Research for Environmental Science

Our Faculty & Their Research

Faculty in both the Biological Sciences and Geography Departments are happy to involve undergraduate students in their research projects, using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Our faculty members often collaborate with other departments, community members and employers on research projects.

You may also have the opportunity to participate in field studies or gain employment with local researchers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ducks Unlimited, Nature Conservancy Canada, the Alberta Conservation Association and others—giving you the opportunity to get additional hands-on experience in a variety of areas.

Faculty involved in the Environmental Science program offer a world-class research program. Some current faculty research areas include:

  • The effects of pollutants on aquatic ecosystems
  • Circulation of carbon and water in pristine and disturbed ecosystems
  • GIS applications in climate and hydrology
  • Effects of parasites on host populations
  • Foraging behaviour of mammals and birds
  • Behavioural ecology and social organization of Richardson's ground squirrels
  • Resource-tracking and the spatial distribution of foraging bumble bees
  • Glaciology and geomorphology of ephemeral streams
  • Global environmental change and water resources
  • Remote sensing and GIS
  • Diversity of microbial populations in the Oldman River Basin

Faculty in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Geography also participate in WISE (Water Institute for Semi-arid Environments) as well as the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research.

Faculty at the University of Lethbridge find themselves in a unique position to:

  • access excellent undergraduate students who can provide research assistance;
  • collaborate with faculty outside of their home departments on joint projects and research areas;
  • access exceptionally well-equipped facilities both on and off campus;
  • teach in areas and pursue research interests in a world-class program;
  • work with community members and local industry on various projects and initiatives.